Mid Feb Report/Charity Knitting/Stash Sunday

So, how’s your month going? Mine is going great! Things are getting done, yarn is not being bought in large quantities, and life is great. What more could a woman want? She could want to be buying all the yarn in the world!! But I am going to be good, and keep to my intentions for the year.

And those intentions include finishing things. Thankfully, one more thing came off the list. The baby blanket for an April baby is done. You might have seen the blanket on Friday in it’s nearly-finished state. And now here it is in it’s really finished state!

It’s been wet blocked, but it needed a steam block and overnight
rest to stay spread. Photo on right is the better color.

So far this month I have finished 5 items; a cowl, 3 hats and a blanket. Hoping to add a finished sweater to the mix before the end of February. And more hats will be done as the Sundays pass.

Numbers by the month:
Knit up 982 yards and 4 skeins
Bought up 200 yards and 1 skein
So here I am 682 yards and 3 skeins to the better.

Stash Sunday:
I have spent $22.28 for yarn and a gadget. I so wanted to buy a skein of yarn this week!!! But even at 560 yards, $44.00 was just too much to pay for yarn and shipping. So I resisted!! Yeah me.

Hat knitting actually began on Friday night as I needed a small knitting project for the basketball game. And then, of course, I couldn’t stop once started, so came home and finished it. I then had to start another to see what the other color work idea would end up looking like, I then finished it on Saturday since I was already started. A 3rd hat will be done to use up more yarn, in another color combo, but that will wait for next week. And this Sunday will be for sweater knitting.


As you can see, I have learned that not having the color chart with you while knitting means you forget exactly how to use your colors. Blue-blue-white wrong/White-blue-red right, can you find the mistake?

So, that’s how my mid-month is going, how about yours?

4 thoughts on “Mid Feb Report/Charity Knitting/Stash Sunday

  1. Your blanket looks perfect now, great work 🙂 Well done with the stash reduction, I think I’m still needing to knit more as I bought quite a few skeins of sock yarn recently. As long as I use it up eventually lol…

  2. The blanket did turn out lovely! I want to knit a cabled blanket but it will be for me. I’ve knit blankets in the past and the amount of pain I go through makes it something I don’t do normally. I have gone back to crochet for blankets for gifts. You are doing well! I only bought 2 skeins of yarn last month, for a gift hat, so I am doing well myself.

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