It’s another Wednesday

And I feel like I haven’t accomplished much these last few days. I have done very little knitting it seems. I have been knitting, but not sure of what I am accomplishing. I guess that feeling of boredom with my sweater is setting in. It doesn’t seem to be getting closer to done, the itch to stray is so real. And the baby hats just aren’t cutting it. So I think drastic measures will have to be taken.


And isn’t it true that I need a baby sweater for a friend’s, Hi Barbara, new grandbaby? So I am going trolling. Looking for a new pattern, or deciding if I am going to use an old one. Either one will work for summer, which I am targeting. But now the question, yarn. One is sport, one is DK. So I can’t buy and then decide. I guess it’s a good thing I will be in a yarn shop tomorrow. Time to browse the shelves I believe.

Yippee! Buying more yarn!! I can’t wait! Even if it’s not for me, I love buying yarn. Oh the thrill of it! But, then again, oh the sadness that I can’t just go to my stash and find what I need. But I am light on baby suitable yarn. Or I should say, yarn in the right weight for what I want to make. I have baby weight, but don’t want to make a fine gauge right now. Oh the decisions!

But then again, I really want to get a shawl on the needles. But then when I look at my wardrobe full of shawls, do I really want another? Well, of course I want another, but do I really need one? No. Has that ever stopped me though? Not at all!

So, what’s on your wish list right now?


14 thoughts on “It’s another Wednesday

  1. I have so many shawls now. I think I am going to give a way the ones I don’t really wear so much. I just love knitting them though. And I don’t plan to stop!

  2. “I love buying yarn. Oh the thrill of it! But, then again, oh the sadness that I can’t just go to my stash and find what I need. ” Oh my friend. Or the inner 12 year old in me says, “Dude, I TOTALLY feel you on this!” This is my every knit project processing, ha!

    Peruse the aisles and shelves but yeah, let the pattern drive you. At the end of the day you need to enjoy your knit to the maximum, since there often comes that, “Why is this suddenly dragging?” point in the knitting.

    I think it’s still winter and the desire to knit lightweight is just not really happening for me either. Follow that knitting heart!

  3. I fully support your yarn buying and shawl casting on. As long as you budget enough money for food 😉 I just went on a yarn buying spree myself. More pretty sock yarn and three sweaters worth of Lopi. I’ll be living on peanut butter & jelly for lunch this month but it’ll be worth it!

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