Fun Meme

1. Write on the pattern or keep it clean as a whistle?
I use my phone and keep notes in my Box file.

2. Trick for keeping track of a plain round or a complicated round?
I use my scroll bar to keep the current row at the top of the screen.

3.  You’ve decided you cannot stand the yarn you are working with,
You…carry on?  Donate it?  Or return it?
Donate to knitting friends who might appreciate it.

4.  What is your current favorite television show to knit during?
Any Netflix show I can stream or The First 48.

5.  How do you like you coffee?
Down the drain.

6.  How many pair of hand-knitted socks do you rotate wearing currently?
None, I am just not into sock knitting.

7.  You are taking a road trip. Do you listen to the local radio stations on the way or your own music?

8.  Do you bring your own grocery bags to the store?
Nope, cross contamination is not my thing.

9.  What wildlife have you seen that is considered rare?
Not a one.

10.  Someone just gave your family plane tickets to anywhere in the US for next week. Where will you take them?


4 thoughts on “Fun Meme

  1. Well, well well, aren’t you an interesting one. Your ability to pattern avec phone is just crazy pants to me! And I think I would love First 48 more if it weren’t for the fact I find both my mother and husband can get a little obsessive with these shows, ha!

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