It’s done!!!!!

The sweater, is done. Am I pleased, absolutely. Is it perfect, hmmm, not quite. And it’s nothing to do with the sweater or pattern, it’s just me. It’s just too something, or not enough something. I don’t know. I guess it’s just the issue with the sleeve being a slight shade lighter. And the shape is blah, but I guess what should I expect. I did the size I thought I should, but now I am hoping it doesn’t grow on me.


Mods made: Front is one size up from back, because our fronts have more depth than our backsides, or at least mine does. Sleeve cuff is twice as long as pattern calls for and I still only have a 2″ cuff. I increased in patten and added cables as I knit the sleeve. Sleeve increases added to make the sleeve wider. Collar 4″, not 5″. I added 2″ to the length of the body since I like my cardigans longer.


Addition: I chain crocheted along the collar pick up to stabilize the neck. I always try to do bind off on necklines instead of live stitches to prevent the back from stretching across the neck and back. Because of the weight of the cabled fabric I fear that would be a big possibility with this sweater. I love the cables in the pattern, but wish I had been able to predict the twists as I knit. It was better at the end, but I wish I had been chart free.

Chain crochet stabilizing.

The PERFECT button!

Found the buttons at JoAnn’s and couldn’t have found a better match! I just love them. And at $8.00 for three I think they cost just about as much as I paid for the yarn! I got the yarn when I worked in a yarn shop. How I miss those days, but then again, how I don’t need to return to those days!

Hopefully I can get a photo with it on when we get some nicer weather. A sunny day would be good. Indoor shots just show the glaring difference in the sleeve shade, but it’s barely noticeable to the eye in real life. What’s up with that? I said if more than 2 people mention the color difference I will do something about it. I kept intending to get dye, but could not find any in the stores I went to. I am trying to avoid going to the big box discount stores. But if all else fails, I will just knit a third sleeve and remove the offending one. I didn’t weave in the yarn ends just in case I need to remove the sleeve. LOL!

OK, enough from me, didn’t mean to write a novel! Join the others on this fine, rainy, day and see what they have going on.

yarn along, yes I know I never include books, but that’s because I just don’t read that much anymore. But I am yarning along, so it counts.

29 thoughts on “It’s done!!!!!

  1. It looks gorgeous in your photos, sorry you’re feeling a bit blah about it. Maybe you just need to put it away for a bit and then one cold day you get it out again and while it’s keeping you warm and cosy you’ll fall in love with it 🙂

    Those buttons are perfect, I don’t think you could get anything more perfect for that sweater design and colours

  2. Such a pretty sweater and great pattern. I can’t see the sleeve thing, but I know. I get it and understand. Sweater knitting. It’s really one of the most bonkers inducing thing, so hard to get it where it feels “right”, through and through. Still wonderful work.

    1. I will post a photo to show the difference in the colors when you have the sleeves next to each other. That’s why I have the sleeve tucked under the sweater in the first photo. LOL! Thanks.

    1. Well, it depends on who is wearing it! A 20 something hipster would look adorable! A 50 something mom, not so much. LOL! But I don’t care, I’m wearing it as much as I can before Spring hits.

  3. Barbara

    Beautiful sweater. I’ve had my eye on it awhile, but feel the neckline/shoulders are too wide for me.

    Love how the buttons go with the sweater so well.

    1. Thanks! A pro like you can adjust for the neckline. I should have listened to my instinct and not done so many decreases. Aren’t you just amazed that I finished a cabled sweater in months considering I still have my green one in hiding?

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