Sunday Stash/Charity Hats

Stash was not enhanced this week. I added no yarn and really only felt tempted by patterns. But I held strong and avoided the lure. OK, so I am just waiting until March hits so it won’t count against my February total!

Charity Hat knitting began on Saturday while we were at a college basketball game. Both of the current knit projects were at too dicey a point to take with me. Kelsey is lace and the other has a chevron knit/purl pattern that I keep messing up. Woodstove Season has raglan increases going on while you knit the back with a texture. Hard to keep it all going. So neither were good for a basketball game. I took the ever dependable Valley DK yarn from WEBS for a baby hat.

imageThis week’s pattern is Siksak. I want to use up the bits and bobs of Valley DK I have, so thought this would be a great pattern. But maybe not a great pattern to take to a game. I kept losing my place. I used 64 sts so I had x4 for the repeat. Then I will decrease per 8 sts for the crown. I fear I will never run out of this yarn! I have more than a skein of white, half a skein light blue, and various amounts of blue, red, and teal. When you are only using 50-60 yards a hat it lasts for a long time.

imageThe next few weeks we are sitting my sister’s Bichpo. 3 dogs in the house are just a riot some days. And then others it’s just a scream! Night time with 3 dogs and 2 adults in a queen size bed are a trial. I think Hubster and I are going to lose this battle. But at least the dogs will be comfy. If one is on the furniture, all must be on the furniture. This is 3 dogs and 1 person spread over 2 chairs. One dog is kind of perched between the two. LOL. I fear my knitting is going to suffer greatly with 3 dogs all trying to sit in my chair with me! Fingers crossed knitting does happen.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Stash/Charity Hats

  1. That’s a lot of dog! But it looks like it some good cuddling, hehe. I can barely share the bed with my husband, so I can only imagine!

    I love the baby hat it looks so good. You make me want to try colorwork, but then I am struggling to manage my basic cardigan patterns! Keep up the good knitting and the good charity work 🙂

    1. You can do color work!! Just believe! As to the dogs, it gets crowded enough with us two and our 2 dogs. Adding a third dog in there, even if he is the smallest of all of us, just send us over the tipping point!

    1. It would be fun if they would actually find a spot and stay! LOL. But they seem to migrate all over the bed throughout the night. Oh well, only 10 more days of it.

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