Wednesday News

Today is dull and gloomy, but the news is wonderful. Two more items struck off the list!!!

  1. Charity Hat. OK, so these really aren’t on a particular list, but just thrown in there now and again whenever the mood strikes or Sunday rolls around.
  2. Baby item for my friend’s granddaughter. Such a quick and adorable knit! I am going to think dress/tunics for baby girls from now on.


Pattern: Siksak
Yarn: Valley DK Superwash, WEBS


Pattern: Kelsey
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Rialto

A quick and darling dress/tunic with a simple 4 row lace repeat. I worked on this during a one day trip to Chicago/Indianapolis with Hubster. We pulled off a 13 hour round trip to save on shipping for a bumper to replace the damaged one on Diva Girl’s car. So my Visa commercial is:

  • Quick stop for sandwiches $5.00
  • Tank of gas $40
  • 6 hours to Chicago
  • 3 hours to Indy
  • Quick stop to meet College Girl for dinner $15.00
  • 3 hours home
  • Avoiding paying $140.00 to ship a bumper
  • Remembering what it’s like to just be the two of us……..Priceless!

My take away from the trip is that we CAN be in enforced confinement with each other for 13+ hours and not kill each other.

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13 thoughts on “Wednesday News

  1. hehehe…i always feel pretty darn proud when we finish a trip and everyone is alive, priceless for sure!! we are having springlike temperatures here at the jersey shore. we even worked in the yard yesterday!!

    LOVE that hat, our Giants colors….it would be perfect for a cold day of football!!!

    1. I know we can’t all 4 travel without spats and issues, even with the girls at 18 and 21. But for us to get where we are going with only 1 issue, it was a pleasant surprise! LOL

    1. There have been times it was touch and go. Like the trip to North Caro where he asked me if I was about done talking and we were only 3 hours into the trip!

  2. The charity hat is so fun and I love the tunic, I’m investigating the pattern …

    I love your VISA commercial and it says a lot that you can withstand close confinement without violence or abandonment for so long! You’re inspiration 😉

  3. The dress and hat are adorable. Congrats on surviving the 13 hour drive with your sanity (and marriage) intact. My time limit for driving in the same car as my husband is 4 hours. He is the worst backseat driver but hates driving so I end up taking the wheel. Plus we always fight over music. Then he wants to stop every 30 minutes. Talk about high maintenance!

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