Sunday Stash/Charity Hats

No stash added!!! Not one skein of yarn or a pattern, not another gadget, not even a button was purchased this week! I am so pleased with myself, 2 weeks and no spending. I just might be getting the hang of this no stash enhancing! I won’t jinx myself by predicting another 2 weeks of no buying, so I will just shut up now!

Charity Hat knitting for the day will be this pattern. Um, why yes, I know that isn’t a hat pattern. LOL. I am taking the motif from the cuff to use for the band of the hat. I will use the lavender for the base color and the cream for the motif.


I keep finding more yarn for baby hats. Just when I think I am using it up I discover more treasures hidden in the stash. I actually forgot all the baby yarn, Dale and Shepherd Baby Wools, I have in the closet. I am planning some double strand hats for that stash. I just don’t want to knit single strand baby yarn into hats. DK is thin enough, but a US3 yarn? Yeah, not.

In other knitting the Woodstove Season cardi is knitting up swiftly. Not because of my speed, more so because I can’t put it down! I have been around the house a lot the end of this week, so got in lots of knitting time on it. image

The pattern has you knit the button bands as you go. I elected to not add button holes and to do I-Cord loops instead. I saw this option on a blog used on the children’s version of the pattern. And since I found the most awesome buttons, there was no doubt about it. The back of the pattern has a chevron design that continues to kick my butt! Keeping the texture pattern in line is challenging. I have a chart to follow, but it still demands my attention. Thank goodness it’s only on the back!

imageAnd in other news I have added a shawl to the mix. Wavedeck was cast on using some Baby Alpaca DK from Plymouth, in a lovely soft chartreuse green color. One of my fav colors! Most any green shade is acceptable here, but especially the soft, olivey green tones. And as I sit by my knitting corner I can see no less than 4 knitting bags that have the same color in the fabric.

Hope your Sunday is full of cast ons, bind offs, colors, sitting and knitting. May your needles never be idle!


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