When I started the year I wanted to follow intentions, but not make goals or plans. I am still going forward with that idea, but the recent FOs brought to light a flaw in my scheme. This weekend I came to a decision on how to avoid the issue.

To explain: When I finished my recent FOs I found a disturbing consequence. Having laid no foundation for the next thing up I floundered. In the past when I have no clue about what’s up next, I end up casting on hats and frittering away my knitting time. Not that charity hats don’t have value, but they take away from my attempts to clothe myself. So I had a moment of terror, not knowing what I should do next. Forgetting all those I. MUST. CAST. THIS. ON. NOW. projects I have stashed, I was unsure where to turn. Thankfully I had Woodstove Season ready to go, so I avoided catastrophe. But it made clear the problem with not having aims/goals/plans for the next step.

To avoid this problem I went through my queue and identified projects I have yarn for, or ones I am eager to do. I put them on a list, created packets, and put them in a basket.


Now, when I finish something, I have ready projects at hand. I won’t prioritize them or number them, just have them on tap for whenever I cast off a knit. On the list I have separated them between less than/more than 1000 yards. When I am in the middle of a big project and need a small one to amuse me, I have a list to draw from. If I finish a big item and need another to take it’s place, I have something to jump on the needles.

Will this system work? Who knows. Not included on the list are the items that I have promised to make for others. I think I have about 7 items I plan to make over the year, some baby, some adult. Hopefully I will keep that list to the 7 identified, unless more baby news is sprung on us through the year.

How do you work around your queue, wants, temptations? Joining Frontier to share my method.


14 thoughts on “Intentions

  1. I try to keep my upcoming projects on Ravelry. I have one basket on top of my yarn bar that I keep the “must cast on” projects in. That way I am always seeing it in front of me and it keeps me focused. I do the same with my fiber stash. I just try to keep it somewhat in view so I don’t get too distracted.

  2. I actually have done the same thing Chris. I had purchased yarn for specific patterns, but they were not getting knit. With my upcoming trip to England and Scotland and the want to take hand knitted items with me, I bought large ziplock bags and put the yarn and the pattern in the bags and put them in my craft room. There are there and ready to go so when I get done with one project I have more that I can pick up and start. I have changed the patterns a couple of times just because I changed my mind about the patter I wanted to use. I think it’s a fab way to stay on top of the things you really want to make and have purchased yarn for.

    On a side note, I have a question about a pattern I am making and will email you about it. It’s a paid for pattern and I don’t want to put even part of the pattern out for other’s to read.

    1. I have everything in containers and stored in my closet. Which means I have to go upstairs and dig it out to cast on. Hopefully having it next to my knitting chair will give me the impetus to just cast it on when I have a spare needle. I will find a way to stow away with you!!! Bwahahahaha!!!!

  3. I’ve done something similar to this at various points. I find it has worked best for socks for me. I like it. I’m curious to see how it works. The thing for me that I really appreciate is you finding something you want to address and coming at the issue from a new angle. You know Einstein’s definition of Insanity!

  4. I think that’s a good system. I’m usually plotting a few projects in the back of my mind as I get to the end of the current one so I know where I’m going next (I tend to have at least two knits on the go) and I’ve got a crochet blanket that’s been going over a year as a fall back!

    1. I usually do have ideas in my head, but this year I seem to be floundering. Maybe because I am making myself knit from stash, so there’s no chasing a new pattern and new yarn!!!

  5. If only one bin or box would hold all my kits! I do make kits, though, with the yarn and pattern, so when I want to make something I can dig through those, instead of starting from scratch.

    1. I never said these were all my kits, these are just the ones I brought out into the light of day! I still have over 60,000 yards of yarn in the closet from whence these came. LOL!

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