Wednesday Wrap Up

Life around here is full and fun with an extra dog around. My nephew dog has been hanging with us for a bit while his momma is out of town. He loves his cousin dogs and they play all the time. Keeps me on my toes avoiding all the critters underneath. And then when I sit and knit I have 3 noses investigating all the things. They all seem to think my lap is the place to be, whether my lap is full of computer/knitting/dog/other. LOL

But knitting is happening regardless. I have knit up 2 skeins into my Woodstove Season and I decided to move on to the sleeves before continuing the body. Mostly because I can’t stand all the weight of a top down sweater when knitting sleeves. So I thought why not just do the sleeves now when the body is just a few inches past the underarm.


The chevron pattern is hard to see right now, hoping a good blocking will reveal it’s texture. Again, I can’t say enough how much I love the button band detail. It’s just a simple 8 st rib pattern, but creates such a smooth look. I decided to not use buttonholes in the ribbing and will use I-cord or button loops for the closure.

The other item in the line up is the shawl Wavedeck from I am using stash for this pattern, Plymouth Baby Alpaca DK in a soft yellow green. Hoping this is done before warm weather hits!!!


I am in the 3rd tier and just finished the first skein. Now I just need to keep on going with all those YO’s!!!, there’s not much St st in the body of the shawl. I may be happy to knit that deep, mostly St st border after all the YOs.

Please join along over at Ginny’s.


14 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Up

  1. The sweater is coming along nicely and I like the idea of getting the sleeves out of the way. The colorway in the shawl is so appealing right now!

  2. Your sweater and shawl are looking lovely! My sweater that I am working on now is red as well. I will have to take a look at the shawl you are making it looks lovely! Figured out why I could not get the piece to come out right! I thought I had gone down to a size 4 needle and I hadn’t! I have to go down a needle size because I am a loose knitter. So, ripped it all out for the 4th time and will start again tonight. I am determined to get the silly thing made. Thank you so much for your help and the link yesterday. The pictures were very helpful!

  3. Wow the sweater looks great. Um yes you can see the chevron pattern and what a lovely lovely detail! Looks great.

    I just knit a hat in alpaca/nylon and I gotta say, it’s like a cloud. I am trying to restrain myself from buying more.

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