Stash Sunday and Charity Hats

I am thinking the Stash Sunday moniker needs to fall by the wayside since I have been very good about not adding to the stash this year. March is zero for stash so far! It could get boring around here. At least I have a hat to debut.

Focusing on stranded designs since I am getting down to scraps. This week’s finished hat used motifs from this mitten cuff. Working with such small sizes means I don’t have a lot of field in which to insert motifs, so I am learning what works and what doesn’t. This is a doesn’t, but that’s ok, babies don’t mind.


The yarn is Cleckheaton Cocoon for the base and Valley DK Superwash for the motif. The Cocoon is slightly smaller in gauge, so it made the finished size smaller than I intended. Good thing is, babies come in all shapes and sizes!

Plans for next charity hat is to make this one from the sock pattern. Not sure which color will be added to the cream for this, probably a teal is the only color I have enough of. And another hat I need to get on the needles is Cafe au Lait Tam in a gray Paton’s I have in the stash. This will be for a friend from middle school PTA. A group of us still get together now and then and she is one who hasn’t received a hand knit from me. So she was next on the list. That’s leaves 2 others to make for, but one knits so I might give her a gift card to Sheepskeins for her birthday.

And not a charity item, but a recent FO is this headband made for a friend. She requested one in the colors of her daughter’s soccer team, orange and purple, to wear during the cold matches she attends.

imagePattern: Basically Calorimetry
Yarn: Cascade Lana D’ Oro and 220

I knit a short I-cord to make a loop for a purple button. Additional plans for the headband at her end was a to sew a soccer ball using felt pieces. Can’t say if that happened or not. I thought to use a crochet pattern to make one, but after the first hexagon I thought better of it. LOL Trying to get the colors to work with the short rows was a bit of a trial and error, but I was pleased with the final result.

So, how has your stash been enhanced lately? To the better or worse?


6 thoughts on “Stash Sunday and Charity Hats

  1. The baby hat is adorable. As for stash enhancement, I seem to be unstoppable recently. There was a lys that is closing and selling inventory, blue moon fiber arts selling their bfl at an amazing price, and a deal on some gradient yarn. If only my output kept pace with the intake. 😶

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