Mid March Recap

So far, so good. The yarn is leaving the building and new yarn is not coming in. Hoping that continues the rest of the year, but it’s far too early to say.

Mid March
Knit up: 1055 yards 6 skeins
Bought: 0 yards 0 skeins!!!

Knit up: 4193 yards and 22 skeins
Bought: 2201 yards and 10 skeins

Almost twice as much yarn knit as bought and over twice as many skeins!!! I am making traction. And no plans for purchasing on the horizon, at least until babies are born in May, so I think I am safe. Just have to make sure I don’t fall off the wagon due to temptation.

The main reason I am knocking it out is the knitting mojo continues to be strong. Fingers crossed that holds. Sometimes I fear the mojo will take flight. Thursday last I feared I was hitting a slump. I just didn’t want to knit, preferring to surf the net. But it passed and Friday was back to wanting to get the latest cardigan done. The second sleeve is almost done and then I’m back to the body, so the end is in sight.

Finishes so far this month are slight, but that happens when you are working on 2 big projects.


1 adult headband, 2 on-going projects, and 3 baby hats. The sweater is 75% done, the shawl is 40% done. Hopefully they will see a finish by the end of March. Considering how quickly I got them to this stage, it is totally doable, I just need to stay focused!

So, how’s your month going? Any progress? Do tell. Share the details here.

2 thoughts on “Mid March Recap

  1. nanacathy2 says:

    You are doing well, knitting mojo clearly very strong. I have been very slow knitting wise this month, distracted by crochet, cross stitch and fabric hexies. But I have finished both fronts of a cable cardigan for my grandson and am now on the first sleeve. Starting in April I have decided to keep track of everything I spend on craft materials as I actually don’t have any idea, which is a bit silly! I have been motivated to do this by reading your blog, so thanks for the idea.

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