Wednesday Wrap Up

The weekend was full of knitting opportunity, so I took it! Between church knitting and a hockey game I was able to work on 2 charity hats. Before Sunday evening ended I had both hats done. So much fun using sock charts, bits and pieces of sweater charts, and imagination to come up with designs to use up my scraps. One of these days I will run out, but it is not this day.

imagePattern: Winter Fantasy
Yarn: Valley DK Superwash from WEBS

imagePattern: Til Fjells 
Yarn: Valley DK Superwash from WEBS

And yes, I STILL have more of this yarn. Hats this small just do not use up much in one sitting. The blue hat uses the sock chart from the pattern. The teal hat uses the sweater chart at a 64 st count.

In March Madness news, congrats to our Diva Girl’s future college, FGCU for winning a spot in the Dance. #DunkCity #WingsUp!! Go Eagles!

In non March Madness news, what does a 55 year old woman, with Management experience and a degree in Merchandising, got to do to get a job around here? Stop putting my birth date and college graduation date on my applications? LOL. Please don’t tell me you are hiring and then never call me after I put an application in. Except for JoAnn Fabrics that offered me a 4 AM-7 AM job? Seriously? I never knew they had a crew in at those hours. And it ain’t gonna be me, ’cause I don’t do 4 AM!!! The only way that would work is if I never WENT to sleep, just went to work and then came home and went to bed.

Now head over to Yarn Along to see if anyone else is having trouble returning to the work force, has any knitting progress to divulge. Or am I the only one?


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Up

  1. Lovely hats. Just keep applying for jobs. Redo your cv, no more than two pages long and redo it for each and every job. I got hired age 50, then 58 , then 60. Thank goodness for retirement!

  2. The hats are beautiful. Such generous donations!
    I have a friend – 50-something – who just got a part-time job at a small college. It took her a while, but she is really happy.

    1. It really is such a small thing compared to what the needs of the world are, but I do enjoy it. The job situation isn’t dire for me, but it sure would help the college tuition!!!

  3. Love how creatively you are using all of those scraps for the charity hats. I just hired an 80 years young lady at my workplace and she kicks ass! She makes us look like we are going in slow motion LOL. So keep on applying. My friend recently found a terrific part time job as a homecare companion for elderly clients. She gets to sit and knit and talk all through her shift. Dream job!

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