Sunday Stash/Charity Hats

Another week of no buying!! Cold sheeping it here at the moment. Let’s hope the cold continues. Although I must say a peruse of a blog recently sent me down a rabbit hole on Knit Picks. I considered buying a case for my circs, yes even though I made one myself from an iPad case. But I am not satisfied with it, and it just seems big compared to others. Since they had 15% off, and free shipping with $50.00 purchase, why not just consider getting baby yarn I know I will need in May.

So I put things in the cart, adding what I needed to get the right amount. And couldn’t pull the trigger. In the first place the babies aren’t here and I have no idea what they will be, so I can’t very well buy yarn! And the fingering I added to get the right amount just wasn’t necessary, so I removed all items and closed out the cart. Spending $55 right now when it’s not a necessity is not where I want to go. I must say I am very proud of myself for making the right decision. Once I know the babies’ genders I can always find yarn to use.

In Charity Hats, this week’s pattern is a new one I haven’t done before, Laurelhurst. I will use cream for the base and use two blues for the motifs. Probably medium blue for the outer sts and light blue for the inner sts. I will cast on 64 sts to accommodate the 16 st repeat and knit as usual for the newborn hats.

How I wish I had been on the ball and made bunny hats for the newborns coming in the next few weeks. But I just wasn’t thinking that far ahead. I could knock out a few, but won’t make a deadline for myself, because that’s not part of my INTENTIONS for 2016. Plus, I have been too busy trying to get this sweater done in time to wear it before the heat hits.


Just a few more inches and then I will be ready to finish with the bottom band. Planning to duplicate the chevron pattern from the back around the bottom, as I did with the sleeve cuffs. image

I am thinking to redo the bind off since it looks jagged doing it in pattern. When I rib I prefer binding off in pattern, but with this design I think it looks odd. I will likely bind off in purl to turn the chain inward.

Hope you are having an awesome weekend and you are ready to meet your Monday!


12 thoughts on “Sunday Stash/Charity Hats

  1. I’ve avoided the Knit Picks site since I saw there was a sale. The difference between the Canadian and US dollar now can lead to some serious sticker shock on the credit card if you’re not paying attention. 😜😱

    1. Ouch! I know the feeling when it goes the other way. I am just trying to be more mindful of accumulating things, things that I want more than need. Sometimes I fall victim to my bratty self! LOL

  2. Way to go ……your wallet will be much happier at the end of the month.

    Love your sweater. The detailing on the cuff is so pretty.

    1. What’s left over will be going to the college account, so my wallet will still be empty! LOL Wait, maybe I should just forget funding college and fund myself? After all, I’ve already gone to college!!

  3. Good job resisting the siren call of free shipping & 15% off! Knitpicks has been my downfall lately, especially since I started getting those tempting emails and following their beautiful feed on Instagram. I console myself with the fact that their price point is very competitive. Love how your Woodstove is knitting up!

    1. I had to stop all WEBS emails and notices to prevent my failing. It was hard. I still expect to see an update now and then. It’s bad enough I am in a knit shop once a week, I don’t need more temptation!!!

      1. Maybe I’m just looking for different types of yarn than most people. I can never find any WEBS yarn on sale that I just MUST HAVE.

    1. Yes, I know all about those, I have the large and the small one. I just hate having to unzip and then open and close the baggies on mine. I still use the large one to hold all my fixed circa, but to tell the truth, I don’t think I have opened that one up in months! I was looking at the Pendleton Wool cases they have, I hate the shiny ones. But thanks for the help!

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