The views expressed in this post are my own. They carry no weight or count for anything in the grand scheme of things. So please do not take offense or think this is directed at any one person. It is just my opinion.

The “award” I received and some recent posts on other blogs have got me thinking about blogging. How we all have different tastes, styles, and looks to our blogs. And also, how we all likely prefer to read different blogs.

As I mentioned in my post from the other day, I don’t care for the blogs that are basically just a way for bloggers to sell their wares. I am not against them, in fact I do follow Tin Can Knits, but just don’t fill my reader with their links. I couldn’t put a pulse on why I don’t care for these kinds of blogs until Soaring made a comment to that post:

“I enjoy your blog, a lot of the more commercial ones I find quite boring”

Nail. On. Head. That’s it. I find them boring. If I even start reading one I find myself just skimming past all the sales spiel to get to the knitty gritty. The posts are too dry, no real life to them. Sometimes they are too verbose about that one item they are hawking. Or, the kicker, TOO MANY DAMN PHOTOS!!! I do not need 12 photos of the SAME EXACT THING! That issue also turns me off normal knitting blogs. I like photos, I even like different angles or shots of the item. But anything over 4 photos of the same angle is ridiculous. But maybe that’s just me.

And the 2nd thing on my “don’t even bother” list. Pod casts. I know, I must be the only one. LOL. But I just can’t! I don’t get into them. Sorry if you are all over them, but I have stopped visiting some bloggers because they have gone to that format. I know, there are probably some that are just the bees knees, whatever that means, but they just are not for me.

So, what are your least favorites when it comes to knit blogs?


23 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. I agree with you about podcasts. I have a handful I listen to; none of them are knitting related. Maybe it’s the lack of ability to skip ahead you were talking about? 😀

  2. I agree totally with you. 15 shots of the same object, whether it be knitting or decorating just bores me. And uses up my limited internet data allowance! I don’t mind a review or two here and there but the out and out sales pitch turn me off. Lucky people with all that free merchandise and I get where they are happy to write a review for the freebies. I’m not knocking them for doing it, I just don’t have to read it. Another pet peeve of mine is all the ads popping up or running. don’t need the videos or music for the reason I stated above, limited internet data.

  3. I like a few podcasts but some of them the person’s voice or regular phrases just gets on my nerves too much. I don’t really get audio podcasts, I want to see the knitting projects they’re talking about, the colours they’re using etc.

    Oh yes the photos. I do not need a billion photos of a sleeve from the same angle. If there is a particular detail then by all means focus on that but pick one or two photos that shows it off nicely rather than spamming the post with loads of them lol.

  4. I love your blog! I’m sure you know that. I don’t like the blogs that are podcast listings. I just skim right past them. I watch podcasts but all of my podcast watching is done on youtube. When I see a blog post, I want something to read. I hadn’t thought of deleting those from my blog list but I think I may do that, I never visit those sites. I follow a few that do advertise what they are making or knitting but there blogs actually have content. Kristin’s Getting Stitched on the Farm is lovely, Tin Can Knits is another I like. I don’t mind that they sell their wares because it’s not the main focus of their blogs. You get content-humor, real life, etc…

    1. Aw, thanks! Sometimes you wonder if you are just talking to the webs and no one is out there. LOL. I adore Kristin’s blog. Always bookmarked her designs. And Tin Can is one of my favorites, mostly because they do talk about more than their designs, but then tie in there patterns to the topic. They are a wealth of knitting info. Still sure I can’t stow away with you? Hahahaha!!!

  5. I’m not a fan of blogs (or podcasts for that matter) that are simply a tool for advertising. I do like some podcasts, but I’m picky about which ones I watch. Like blogging, I enjoy seeing what people are working on and what’s going on in their lives I feel like I’m so nosy! I do however, love your blog ❤

  6. I get really annoyed when bloggers post MULTIPLE times a day. Like 3 or more. It’s a bit much. Or when they reblog their own posts every single day (if they are planning a link party or what not). I understand that they are trying to promote their blog and event, but there are other means!

    1. YES!! I didn’t even think about those scenarios. There are two bloggers who post to the same weekly link ups that I do, and they are forever posting the same page to both link ups and it’s always the same material they are blogging about. Please just stop! I know it’s hard to come up with different posts two days in a row, but at least make an effort. And once I’ve seen the same post on a 3rd link up in one week I am just done. Wow, I am much too catty today!

  7. I’m not much for podcasts or video podcasts; I mostly read blogs while I knit. I like to skim! And it’s hard to do that with audio or video.

    I like the Pioneer Woman for cooking ideas, but there are too many pictures!

  8. Not a fan of podcasts at all.

    I don’t stick around if a blog goes so hipster that I have no idea what they are writing about.

    I don’t follow many of the “huge” blogs —- to me those blogs are same old/same old post after post.

    I like the ones where I feel I’m getting a “slice of REAL life”.

    As for that award … it was pretty obvious that it was to promote the giver rather than the getter. I had my old blog for over 7 years and Pointy Little Sticks for a couple of weeks. PLSticks is a BEST blog in that short time? Probably not.

    Then I checked out the guy on Rav. Seems he has many 100 BEST subjects. Those emails were DELETED. LOL

  9. I loved the podcast Cast On, but haven’t found any knitting podcasts to take its place in my heart.

    Chris, you are singing my song. I do not read blogs that are mostly about selling their writers’ wares. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the occasional post to let me know about their products, because sometimes I do want or buy or publicly admire their wares. But blogs should be about people!

    1. I hope I wasn’t too nasty about it. I get that they want to promote themselves. I prefer Kristin Nicholas’ approach, separate commercial site and blog site. Plus, lambs!!! She has little lambs!!!

  10. Totally agree. Especially on the commercial aspect – first rule of social media marketing (an blogs fall into that category) is: it’s social! It’s not a constant commercial for your stuff.

    I don’t do podcasts either – or anything really video for that matter. I’m usually reading blogs during my downtime at work, or when Dave is doing something noisy at home (video games, playing his guitar) – if it has sound it’s no good for me. I hate video news for this reason – just let me read it!

    1. I usually am reading while watching a movie and knitting, so video is not going to work, besides the fact I just don’t find them attractive or appealing. But would love to watch a guitar video, maybe Dave would oblige?

  11. I totally get it, and I’m moody with my podcasts, I go through phases, but I like super boring ones. Not knitting ones. Soccer okay? there I said it. And I think because my husband is constantly pushing them on me, it makes me a little rebellious, like when the dr. says to eat more veggies I just want baked potatoes and steak ha!

  12. OMG!!!!! Just last night I was searching You Tube for videos of Soccer Made In Germany. Just had to hear Toby Charles again!! Well, and see Klaus Fisher do his famous bicycle kick.

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