Remaining calm while my child is gone

Diva Girl headed to Florida this weekend to enjoy her Senior Year Spring Break. Dad is not happy, Mom is a little less nervous. He thinks she is going hog wild down there, I know she is having fun, but being very careful to guard her safety. She is with a friend, so not alone, and a friend’s son is down there not far from her in case she needs help. But you still worry. To take my mind off of that, and the fact she didn’t let me go too, I have been knitting. And then this happens…


As usual, Sunday is for knitting charity hats and this weekend was no different. I used Laurelhurst as the jumping off point, reducing the numbers to 64 instead of 96. That gave me 4 repeats of the motif. Turning to my dwindling stash of Valley DK Superwash I was able to get another hat out of the cream with bits of two shades of blue.


I mixed up the motif colors so I could give it a bit more oomph, and use up those scraps! And I still have scraps. But one more hat should do it, maybe? LOL

Tomorrow reveals the outcome of the “finish this sweater” push. I finished the knitting on Saturday in hopes of wearing the sweater Sunday, due to cooler temperatures moving in. And boy did they move in. LOL, snow flurries? Really? My feeling on Saturday before blocking was, what have I done! It just doesn’t work. It doesn’t fit. Argh!!! So come back for Yarn Along on Wednesday to see if I rip it or wear it.

And join in for Keep Calm at Frontier.

12 thoughts on “Remaining calm while my child is gone

  1. LOL I can remember that feeling! It’s an awful one. She will be fine, you have raised her right and she knows how to be safe. Just pray instead of worrying.

    Your hats are lovely as ever!

  2. That hat looks so soft and snuggly!!!!

    Hope your daughter makes wonderful memories here in Florida —- and stays safe too! A puppy sounds so much nicer than a piercing! LOL

    1. Do it! You never know what you might get out of the attempt. Hmm, wonder if I can use that with my husband? He keeps telling the girls, with each piercing, college funds dwindle!!! And with a tattoo the deal is null and void.

  3. Carie

    Oh she sounds like she’s having fun!! The hats sound like a more practical way to spend the weekend for those of us not in Florida though!

  4. I hope you knit yourself calm, lady. Kids, giving us reasons to fret from the beginning, they just keep finding new and exciting ways. by the way your puppy text is hilarious.

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