Sunday Stash/Charity Hats

No stash added for the 5th week!!! But I have been mightily tempted. Soo tempted. Everyone keeps posting lovely photos of their new stash, and then I am off down a rabbit hole again. Just stop! But I know, buying is going to happen in the next few weeks, as soon as some babies make their appearance. And likely some blue wool will be purchased to make Hubster some new clogs to replace the ones being worn through. But I am trying to hold out as long as I can. Spread the cost over more months.

And the nice counter to the no buying is the major knitting that is helping to reduce the stash on hand. Over the last few days I have finished 3 hats. Only one was intended, but the others fit into the lifestyle, so I ended up churning out 2 additional hats. Since it’s Charity Hat Sunday I will highlight the 2 extras and leave the other hat for Keeping Calm.

I was going through my odds and ends vat* and found some more Valley DK, in black and brown. Now, I doubt most new parents want hats made in such dark colors for their newborns, but I am trying to use up these leftovers! So I grabbed some of the small odd balls and the brown and came up with this.

imagePattern is cobbled from various sources.

I think it’s larger than most newborns, but you never know. Babies come in all shapes and sizes.

Then I thought to grab the black, but just can’t see it working for a newborn with the blues and red I have to mix it with. So I grabbed some leftover Meriboo and came up with this cutie!

imagePattern is Winter Doldrums
pattern is from the sleeve chart.

And now it’s time to close and take a moment to wish you all a Happy Easter. He is Risen! Hallelujah!

*OK, it’s really just a basket, but it’s huge!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Stash/Charity Hats

  1. The hats are ADORABLE!!!!!

    I almost thought I was going to have to stop reading your blog! 😦 McAfee decided that WordPress was a dangerous site.

    Now today it WORKS —– guess they decided you WordPress folks are okay after all. LOL

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

    1. I’m just about out of washable wools to use, so I may have to switch to wool scraps and see if I can find worthy charities that accepts them. Definitely would not work for babies!

  2. Such stunning hats Chris, really great stuff. Perhaps one day you and your fancy knitwork will break me down and I’ll have a go at this colorwork thing you make look so easy and SO GOOD!

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