Keep Calm and make a hat

But choose yarn that is leftover so that you don’t have a full skein, then choose a pattern that says it uses close to the amount you have on hand, only don’t swatch so you have no idea if you are getting gauge, just cast on and knit, all the while watching those 3 balls, of course they aren’t in one piece, dwindle as you go, but notice that you are getting so many rows per ball and all were about equal so estimate you will be fine and just continue knitting until you get to the point of the decreases which you start in faith and get almost to the point of done, and notice you still have a healthy amount of yarn left, sooooo, you rip back to the last repeat and add half a repeat, which means you have to redo the decreases since you added more rows, and then you get your new decreases figured out and forge ahead, all the while thinking you just might not have enough to finish, so you cut short your decrease rounds thinking it will buy you yarn, and then when you are almost finished for the 2nd time you notice you still have yarn left, sooooo, you rip back to the point where you shorted the decrease rounds and start your finish for the 3rd time and then you realize, you are out of yarn on the last round! So what’s a girl to do? Look at that cast on tail and decide there is enough to steal from it and you then finish the last round with enough to weave in the tail, and the other 7 tails you created from the 3 separate balls!!, hey why did I have the yarn in 3 separate balls and what happened to the missing grams from the original 100 grams. No clue. But after all that you end up with a gorgeous hat to gift to one of your Former-PTA-Mom-now-lunch-buddy-friends*!

imagePattern: Cafe Au Lait Tam
Yarn: Paton’s Merino Wool
Model: Diva Girl

imageYarn color in photo above is true to color
2nd photo shows the texture

I did 4 additional rounds of the k2tog lace and then started the decreases. The changes in decreases replaced the k2togs with ssks and changed the placement of the decreases in the round. This gave a bit more slouch to the depth. I hope she likes it! Now we will have to plan lunch so I can hand it over.

Sharing at Frontier today, join us!

*A group of us still get together for lunch. We were PTA Moms when our kids were in Elementary/Middle School


14 thoughts on “Keep Calm and make a hat

  1. I don’t like to admit, but yes! I have stolen from the cast on in desperate times as well. I have to tell you some of the best friends I have made in the past decade have been PTA moms and people I have met in my son’s community. (soccer / school).

  2. Beautiful! That’s a lovely shot of DG modeling the hat. I recently purchased a scale in order to make better use of odd balls of yarn in the stash. Can’t believe I went this long without one!

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