Nothing new on my plate

But here’s a good resource I found while researching my next sweater project. The site hasn’t been updated lately, but the info I need is there, so yay for me! I am planning a top down striped cardigan with fingering weight wool. My dilemma is keeping the stripes going without knitting separate sleeves to the body. Since I have 5 yarns to use for striping I can make the width of the stripes whatever I want. The yarn is not striping for me.

The raglan shaping of the Woodstove Season left me less than satisfied, especially with the size of the sleeve. So I am looking into the Contiguous Set In Sleeve option. Wondering if I can throw in some short rows to shape out the sleeve cap and gain a little more room without having to redo numbers to create a larger sleeve. But I may just have to figure the numbers to give myself a larger sleeve without making the body larger. News Flash for Knitting Pattern Writers, not all women have the same size arms!!! My pet peeve with RTW fashions. The Misses sizes, I do believe, use the same size sleeve template and they sure aren’t going to use extra fabric to accommodate us mature women. But anywho.

In actual knitting I am trying to get the latest shawl done before end of the month. I would love to go into April with no leftovers, finish March clean. I am on the border, so no reason I can’t finish, just need to muddle through the monotony of it. And, I might just add rows since I have the yarn and would like it to be a good size. Finished size is 26″x52″, The 26″ depth is fine, but I would prefer more of a 62″ width. Not sure I want to knit to that wingspan considering it will lengthen the shawl another 5″ of so. So, I might put it on a few cables to see how big it is at the end of the pattern.

imageStill loving the Plymouth Baby Alpaca! So soft.

Joining in at Small Things today.


6 thoughts on “Nothing new on my plate

    1. I am trying to use techniques I have not used in the past, or ones that I took a class on, but never used. I took a class on Cont. Set In Sleeves back in 2004? About time I use the class notes!

    1. I just need to dig into the info and learn all I can. But I’d rather fritter away my hours doing nothing! And then at the last minute I will want to cast on all the things!

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