March Recap

What a glorious month! I was able to get quite a bit accomplished even though I was working on two bigger projects. Not sure why the knitting drive is so strong right now, but I sure hope it continues!

So, the totals for the month are:
Knit up 2076 yards and 12 skeins
Bought up 0 yards and 0 skeins!!!

So it’s all to the good this month.

Knit up 5214 yards and 29 skeins
Bought up 2201 yards and 10 skeins

Whohoo! I am 3013 yards and 19 skeins ahead so far this year. Hopefully that number continues to be in the positive! That leaves 65,897 yards and 365 skeins on hand. I’ve got a lot more knitting to do!

I’ve finished 10 items this month, quite a few hats, but not all.

image6 Charity Hats for a local hospital

imageA sweater and shawl for me, headband and hat for friends

Intentions for March were:

  1. Wood stove Season sweater. Barely started, but enjoying it so far. Done
  2. Shawl for me, likely Celtic Myths or WavedeckWavedeck done
  3. Shawl for my sister, not at all sure what. No pattern or yarn decided
  4. And whatever else comes up. Hats and headbands were whatever

Intentions for April are:

  1. Shawl for my sister, her request is crescent shape in a cream/off white color. Liliaceae is the one, probably Heritage or Mad Tosh is the yarn.
  2. Cast on cardigan for me in fingering weight yarn. Possibles are Hermine or  Top Down.
  3. Cast on mittens or mittens with Mad Tosh yarn
  4. Charity Hats or bust-the-stash hats for friends. I enjoyed the Cafe Au Lait so much I just want to knit more tams!

That should be enough for the month. April will include a 26 hour round trip over a 5 day period, so I plan to get lots of knitting done.


12 thoughts on “March Recap

    1. Aw, thanks! This is more for my records than anything, but how nice to know I can be a motivation to some. I think when I put it down on paper and own up to it, that desire to just keep accumulating is diminished. I need to keep myself on track and this way I can see the traction I am getting when I don’t buy more!! But the desire to buy is sooooooo strong!

  1. Congrats on lowering the stash by so much. All of your hats are so pretty (well, SOME are handsome). LOL

    Hope you have a wonderful and safe trip with lots of knitting along the way.

    1. Thanks. I am having fun seeking out new hat patterns to try, or sweater sleeve motifs that will work with small hats. But I am running out of useable lengths of washable yarn!! So the hat knitting may have to switch to adult non washable wool tams.

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