Sunday Stash and Charity Hats on Monday

Oops, I missed my usual update. I can only claim a pain issue for the missing post. Friday I woke up with a pain high on the left side of my back and by evening it was hard to ignore. The pain was the kind where you hold yourself tense, and don’t breath, which does nothing to help. I heavily medicated and tried to sleep. By Saturday the pain was less, but I think the heavy medications hit by afternoon and I slept away most of the early evening. I did no knitting to speak of all weekend. So, nothing really to update other than no stash enhancement for yet another week!!

But wait, I really haven’t properly showcased my latest shawl!!!

imagePattern: Wavedeck from
Yarn: Plymouth Baby Alpaca DK
imageI just love the flowing design!

imageAnd of course the color is just gorgeous!

I was trying to get a bit more depth out of this, but I was just so done with the border, and would have only gotten a few more rows out of the remainder of the skein, so I ended up only adding a few extra rows. But it’s by no means skimpy, so at least it covers the shoulders and can wrap around the neck when arranged more like a scarf.

imageCollege Girl at top, and at bottom right

In life news, College Girl presented at a Sigma Zeta convention this past weekend. I had hoped to be there to listen, but wasn’t able to get there. When she called Saturday to tell me how it went, boy was I surprised. She received the top award for Oral Presentation out of 15 students!!! Her school mates all placed in their categories, with another student taking the top spot with his presentation. So proud of her! When the judges were speaking to her after the event, they were all amazed that she is only a Junior. When they heard that they were very excited to know she will be back next year. Awesome!!

And more of Convos with Chris and Cait
imageWe were discussing her friend’s engagement ring

Sorry for the photo heavy post. Hoping this weekend was full of fun and all the things you love!


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