Just a little hat

That’s all the week has produced so far. I cast it on Saturday, but with events and back pain, didn’t get much done. I feared it would languish but was able to find the energy to finish it. I had to do a bit of rescue on it before finishing. I had used a strand of taupe in the middle of the motif, but it just wasn’t showing against the celery green. So I pulled it out stitch  by stitch while darning with the purple that replaced it. Blocking helped to even out the horrible mess of it!

imageYarn: Frog Tree Meriboo
Pattern: a motif taken from a Fair Isle pattern

And now I am down to about 45 yards of the Meriboo in the stash. I just might be able to get a preemie hat out of it. The last two hats I did with this yarn are a little larger than newborn, but I will still take them to the hospital I donate to. I figure there just might be a big baby somewhere along the line. My friend had an 11 pound baby on her first try. It’s a surprise she even tried again! They had to return all the newborn sets and get 3 month clothes.

sherbetSherbet Stripes, top down

Now to focus on the latest sweater on the needles, a cobbling of these two patterns. And try to not be swayed into casting on another sweater. Oh the things you find when you aren’t even looking for them! And I also have mittens to knit, so I really don’t need to add another new cast-on to the mix.

What’s on your needles? Share your fiber stories with the crowd today!


2 thoughts on “Just a little hat

  1. What an adorable hat. For some reason it makes me think of Hello Kitty. LOL

    On my needles, but not for long — the vanilla latte socks in that crazy orange/blue/green combo. They should be finished today!!!!! Yay!!!!

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