I am close to losing it here!!! I have cast on three projects since finishing the shawl, one made it to finish, one has been ripped, the third just might get ripped too. Yesterday I showed you the hat I finished, still trying to use up that Frog Tree Meriboo.

imageSherbet Stripes Sweater

Last night I ripped out the current sweater, due to horrible increases in fingering weight yarn! The lifted increase on every row was creating ugly puckers. I tried to use a YO on the previous row and then twist it closed on the next row, but that was tedious trying to remember. And half the time I couldn’t figure out if I should do a right or left leaning twist. And thus I kept messing up which one I was using. And to top it all off, the increase just looked sloppy.

So do I just do it bottom up and then have pretty decreases to reduce the numbers? Or just use open YOs for the increases top down? I really do not want open YOs, so bottom up looks to be the only way to treat this issue. Which means I need to dig out the class notes from the Joan Schrouder class I took on contiguous set in sleeves for bottom up sweaters. I can still use the pattern I have, just reverse the knitting of it.

                       FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender 3

Snowfling Mitts are just gorgeous. And I WILL have these in my life. But maybe just not with this yarn. I bought the Mad Tosh Merino Light because the Cactus Flower matches my winter coat. And I love it’s colors. Who knew, a pink coat and mitts for a not pink girl. Anywho, the fabric I am getting with this lighter weight yarn is just not stable. So what to do? I guess save this yarn duo for a shawl, but which one? If I rip this out too that means I will have nothing to knit on during knitting today!!* Time to look through my project basket and grab something that’s ready to be cast on, just not sure what there is.

Hop on over to Small Things to see if others are finding more success than I.

*Diva Girl started losing her lunch last night, so I stayed home with her to make sure she didn’t knock herself out violently heaving over the commode. Poor mite, she is so done with medical issues!


17 thoughts on “Gah!

    1. I am trying to avoid having 5000 projects going! But right now I seem to be doing more auditioning than deciding. Oh well, off to try to cast on something else while I determine what to do with these two.

  1. Have you tried a KFB for the increases – that’s usually my go to on top down ragalan. I find it’s tidy and creates a very small, textured ragalan line

    1. I usually don’t use KFB because it does not have a mirrored technique. But I might play around with it. Just hate to do it bottom up without knowing what size will work best. This the first fingering weight cards, so it’s a toss up.

  2. I generally find that it doesn’t matter when it comes to left-leaning or right-leaning increases from the previous row! So long as you pick up under the bar and basically knit through the back loop, I find they generally look okay 🙂 Or I do KFB and just switch where it happens so it looks mirrored

    1. When it’s every row it probably doesn’t make a difference, but with every other row I prefer mirrored increases and decreases. Thankfully I tried KFB, and while it’s not perfect, still some puckering, I think it will eventually work best. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. You are in the tough knit zone. I hope by the time you read this comment you’re finding the zen zone again. The colors are so pretty in your colorwork though! I’m sorry about the daughter. Its so hard when they are sick like that. they get so weak. Sending her healing thoughts.

  4. Hope Diva Girl is feeling better! Love the colors that you are using for the sweater. A fingering weight sweater takes a lot of commitment but the year round wearability is worth it!

  5. Beautiful yarn and knitting! Bottom up works or you could just do the increases by knitting 1 in the front and back. I have done this and it sometimes just works better visually. I hope that is helpful. You’ll figure it out. 🙂

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