I am making good progress on my Sherbet Stripes Cardigan, but sometimes you are just going along and notice a hole. Eek! 

Wait, is that where I changed colors? Whew!

So off you go, continuing to bust through rows. Wait, there’s another hole I need to weave in, as I go is best.

Um, no.

That’s not a change of colors, that’s a short row that isn’t supposed to be there!!! Evidently, 24 rows back, I turned and went the wrong way!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!! Sob.

I am not ripping out 24 rows of stocking st in fingering weight yarn!!!! So, the issue will be resolved with a bit of yarn to close the hole and it will become a design feature. Now I am just knitting rows trying to get to the separation of sleeves and body. Which I need to read up about so I know when to part the ways.

Thanks for the votes on the shawl options. Looks like Lionberry got the most votes, but the winner for me is Round Dance. Reasons for the choice are, I like the pattern, it has the shape I think will work best for my sister’s needs, I can adjust it to fit the yardage I have on hand, and I am just contrary like that. Changes I am making, casting on 289 for 17 repeats to get closer to the yardage I have on hand. I will use short rows to create the depth in the center and leave the edges more shallow. I hope. Oh, and forget the bobbles! I hate bobbles! I could use beads, but don’t want to have to carry beads with me to work on it.

Check out the progress others are making at Frontier today.


11 thoughts on “argh!

  1. lol I love that you’re calling it a design feature, I’m sure it won’t be that noticable when it’s sewn up. I’d be far too bothered by it if it was my project and would waste time frogging it back. Your way is much more sensible and it will look the same anyway!

  2. I felt my stomach get tight looking at your “spots”. But I totally love how you’re rolling with it and I’m incorporating “design features” into my everyday as well as knitting vocabularly 🙂

    As for the shawl, I’m just glad your heart settled on something. After all like I wrote before, YOU are the one to knit it, the rest of us like working it out with you and enjoy tagging along on the journey!

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