Hats, I love hats!

And when they are this cute and adorable, I just want to have babies to fit them! Wait, no, I don’t want to have more babies. I will just wait to have grandbabies! I’ll knit for them.

Have you ever seen anything cuter?
The style is a Basque Beret
Yarn: Cascade Heritage in Dahlia and Fuchsia
One strand of each held together

This will go to the local hospital for their newborns. I have 5 hats to drop off today on my way to knitting.

Today’s knitting will be a new cast on. Round Dance was cast on yesterday and 6 rows completed. I am just amazed I got that far. I have been in a slump lately, I think due to the challenges my knitting has had. But also, when I look back at past Aprils, I seem to always hit a lull. Not sure why, it’s not like the weather is all that warm here, and I don’t stop knitting when summer hits anyway. Hopefully I won’t follow the same fate this year.

But I have been talking myself back from the ledge because I was forgetting the word for the year. Intentions. I intend to NOT be obsessed with numbers and deadlines and output. I intend to knit what I want, when I want, where I want. I intend to not sweat if I don’t want to knit. So, now to remember that intention and not worry about April being less than March. Especially considering both projects of the moment are Fingerweight!!! You can knit all day and not make a dent in that skein of yarn. At least I am still enjoying knitting both the shawl and sweater, otherwise they might not ever get finished.

Head over to Small Things to see what others are intending today.


10 thoughts on “Hats, I love hats!

    1. I haven’t made a fingering weight slouch, just tams. But Rav has all kinds of cute slouch patterns. Realistically, if you don’t block it as a tam, it will slouch.

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