Sunday Stash and Charity Hats

Not much to report this week. Because I haven’t bought any yarn!!!! But I am getting this in under the radar, because tomorrow I pay for an indie order of 3 skeins. But it is not today, so I am counting it no added stash since the later part of February!!! I did good for 2 months, and then the mitten debacle broke my will.

You see, I tried to make those mittens with inappropriate weight yarn. And after admitting defeat I noticed a photo on FB of my friend’s fiber fest set up, and just look at that bright pink skein of yarn!!! So I sent her a message and arranged to buy 2 different pinks and a natural. The pinks will  be one for mittens and one for a baby item. Just trying to make sure I get the best match for my coat.

In the hat section of today I am casting on for this hat. It will be knit in a bright neon green with a white pom. Hoping to use up every last bit of the green to get it out of my stash!

That’s it from me. Sorry no photos, I have been knitting, just not as much lately. So it’s pretty boring around here! But gearing up for a 13 hour trip on Thursday, so packing for some serious car knitting!!!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Stash and Charity Hats

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