How to piss off all the knitting blog0shpere in one post

I really consider this a PSA, a way to help others realize their struggle and work to change it. I’m just nice that way. So, what can I say to piss everyone off, especially on this Yarn Along Day where you are supposed to post your knitting and reading? Two pieces of advice:

  1. If you don’t like the book, STOP reading it!
  2. If you don’t like the knit pattern/garment style of the along…Don’t knit it!

Far too many times have I read on this posting day, “I’m only 1 chapter in and I am not getting into this book, but all those other bloggers just loved it!” or “it’s a slog reading this, but I’m halfway through so I have to finish it”

WHY!!!! If the book is really not something you are into it, why are you reading it? Because some Yarn Alonger said it was the best book EVAH!!!!!? Your life is too precious and time too dear to waste it on a book you are not enjoying. I know, sometimes books take a page or two to capture your heart, but if by the middle of the book you are not feeling it, stop! You are not breaking any law when you don’t finish a bad book. Just read the last chapter to see how it ended if you really must know. Reading should feed your soul!!! Yes, there are tear jerkers out there, but if the entire book is sucking the life out of you, just don’t.

And now to the second piece of advice, knitting things we wouldn’t normally choose because someone is having an along. “But, but, there are prizes!!!! I could win something if I forget all my actual WIPs and cast on something that I don’t really like, or even know what it will look like, holding to the host’s time frame, using a set product I might not like or can afford, to maybe finish it in time to qualify for a skein of yarn.”

Too many times I read posts that lament the fact they are behind on clues or deadlines. The stress this causes just hurts my soul. Your knitting life shouldn’t cause stress. If you really don’t like what you are knitting, Just Let It Go!

Disclosure: I suck at KALs. I think I suck at them because I allow too much stress into my knitting because of the very factors I mentioned. If my knit friends asked to knit a pattern alongside of me, I would do it in a heartbeat, but the rules would be, we all have to decide on the pattern, it doesn’t get chosen by some other entity, and, we will have no deadlines, because each of us knit to our own pace. Along the way it would hopefully help us learn a new technique, further our skill, or just be for pure fun!

I know no one is going to take this free advice, and that’s OK, I just had to get it off my chest after seeing these very scenarios last week while reading through some blog posts. I just cringe when I see bloggers wanting so desperately to belong to something that they slavishly follow every trend out there. Knitting is not a “club”, you don’t have to follow someone else’s lead to fit in. Just knit/read/do what you want. You fit in because of the technique, not because you are knitting or reading the same thing as this or that person.

And now for knitting, charity hat #19.

Pattern: Steinway Hat
Yarn: Leftover Michaels Impeccable


20 thoughts on “How to piss off all the knitting blog0shpere in one post

  1. YES! Even if it is hard to realize, unless you are getting a grade for a class that you paid huge amounts of tuition to attend, just give up the book. So many books that others have loved, I’ve not even remotely liked …

    And I’m the same with KALs. After trying two different ones a couple of years ago, I just finally realized they are not for me.

    1. It’s so sad to see knitters post about these issues that seem to be sucking the joy out of them. Hopefully they can get to a point of realizing it’s not worth it.

  2. Lovely hat! And I agree 100%, there is no meaning in forcing yourself to enter a KAL (or finish a book!) you’re not interested in – it’s just a waste of time and money. I participate in a few KALs occasionally, but when I do it’s because I’m really into it and it meets MY criteria (i.e. time frame is good, I don’t have too many WIPs going on and I’m using a pattern I really like or have been wanting to make for a good while). Otherwise, I ignore it and move on.

    1. Thanks, I thought the hat turned out too cute! Life is too short to waste it on things we don’t like. Glad that you have found some KALs to meet your rules, I have yet to find one that held my attention to the end.

  3. I’m with you 100% on knitting and books. I do KALs, but only if I really like the knit. And if I’m not going to make the deadline… oh well. It’s only a KAL – not a college final.
    Life is too short, and to stressful to have hobbies that make it more so!

  4. Can I add one more thing about reading a book? If the writing is bad, stop. Good/ bad writing is subjective, of course, but there are so many times I stop and think, the story is OK, but how do I sort through the terrible writing. Just stop. I’m not good at KALs either, but I don’t get fussed about it. I find I like the “release in pieces” KALs. I like the “surprise ” of the outcome, even if I’m weeks behind.

    Apparently, you are preaching to the choir!

  5. PSA heard loud and clear! I just read about 85% of a novel and really enjoyed it until the storyline took a nosedive & crashed. I have no regrets about not finishing it because up until that point, it was a fun read. My free time is too precious to waste on something that has no joy/fun/learning value. I do enjoy KAL’s for their social aspects but I never feel compelled to stick with their time frame limits. In fact, I’m still knitting away on my Doodler even though the KAL ended last year because it’s still a fun knit. The only time that I might suffer a knit is if it’s for a well deserving person who really would love the finished gift even though the knitting is boring & slow.

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