Toes in the Sand!!!

Which is what I hope I am doing right now. Sitting on Daytona Beach, taking in the sun, listening to the waves breaking on the sand. Ah, the good life. Or at least, until I need to walk back up umpteen stairs to get back to the condo to eat or go to the bathroom. But it’s all good, I am finally getting MY Spring Break! Plans are to do as little as possible, as long as possible!! Knitting will happen when it happens, and the rest will fall into place.

We are in Florida so Diva Girl can try out for cheer at FGCU, her college come August. If you can spare a moment, please say a prayer that she will do a good job and be confident. We would so love to hear she made the team, knowing that it will be a great way for her to be grounded and connected to her new school next year. Thanks!

Knitting plans this trip:

image image
Sherbet Stripes on the left and Round Dance on the right

These will be the projects I will work on as time and desire sees fit. I would love to get the shawl done before the end of the month, but won’t push it. It’s not a race, just a lovely stroll. There’s so much I want to accomplish this year! At least I finally know what gender the babies I plan to knit for are, so I need to get ideas for a matching set for brother and sister!!! I am thinking same color in different styles, but have yet to hit upon a duo. I probably need to look through Sirdar for some ideas.

Now, back to the sun, sand, and sea!! Hope your day is full of the things you love.


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