I didn’t mean to go silent, just didn’t have reason or means to post much while gone. Our trip was unsuccessful in helping Diva make the cheer team this year, but it was very successful in the meeting new friends department. She made some connections with other girls trying out, and hopefully these will carry on through to orientation and move in this summer. She had to compete for 1 of only 4 spots they were filling. And they even said, Freshmen don’t generally make it. Now she has time to work on the things she needs, standing back tuck, and a chance to get used to college life this year and be better prepared for cheer if she happens to make it next year. She was crushed, but bounced back very well.

We traveled home Monday, and then Tuesday I went to get the cracked tooth extracted. Ouch! The roots would not come out, so there was some extra effort used which produced some extra issues. Pain meds and I don’t play well together, so I have been in a fog since Tuesday morning. Finally getting out of it. Knitting has barely happened with the recent events, so hopefully this weekend I will get back to it.

Today we go to lunch with Diva to see her receive the Kiwanis Award for her Marketing Club. Very proud of the young lady she is becoming.

And update on College Girl, she received top prize, again, for her Honor’s research project presentation. This time at her own school, UIndy. She received a lovely diploma frame that will be ready to house her undergrad diploma upon graduating in 2017. Gosh, I can’t believe I am writing that. Last high schooler graduates this May, first college grad next May. Where has the time gone?

Now to get the day started. Well, it’s been stated since 7:30, but now I can’t laze around any longer. Things to do, people to see! Hope your day is full of the things that mean the most to you. Here are some things helping spark my day.

image image
DK yarn from Fistful Of Fibers* and Cooper Dog**!

*The cream and neon pink will make mittens to match my winter coat. The fuchsia will be used for a baby item.
**This was my view most all of Monday night once we got home. That’s about 5″ from my face.


5 thoughts on “Silence

  1. So sorry on the tooth problems. I absolutely hate anything dental — other than a gentle cleaning. You have all my sympathy!
    Maybe it’s for the best with Diva girl — giving her more time to focus on other issues. And there is always next year!

  2. College level cheer is so competitive. I remember my best friend & I trying out for our college team and being cut after the second round. Disappointing but a good learning experience. I’m sure that the next time will be successful for DG. That’s wonderful that she made some friends. Congrats to both your daughters for their prizes. You must be a proud mama indeed!

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