Happy Anniversary!

23 years and counting. Here’s to 23 more!


One of my favorite photos from the wedding is this one.


We stood together as if to slow dance for our first dance, but then “our” song began and we broke apart to dance. “Our” song was “Thunder” by Prince. It was out when we met, played all the time, we met at an event called “Thunder On The Ohio”, the summer after we met it was just one continuous thunder storm, it was just meant to be. But the dance version soon became too much to “dance” to, so we had them cut it after a bit. LOL. Bet you NEVER heard of a couple doing a fast dance for their “first” dance.

We went out while in Florida and had a nice dinner, so low key celebration here at home. But I did get flowers on Saturday and then we met friends out for some dining, drinking, and dancing. Then today we are headed to a Graduation party, so I guess we really aren’t low key at all this weekend!

He’s a keeper!


11 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

    1. Thank you. It was the first dress I fixated on and after trying others I had no doubt it was my dress. I was just glad the train came off and I didn’t have to bustle or drag it around all evening!

  1. Happy Belated Anniversary! I love the story of your song and first dance. Fabulous. Wishing you many more happy years to come. Sigh. I needed that, thanks!

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