Life, you just have to wonder when all the nastiness ends!!!

Sorry to bother you, but the level of evil that seems to pervade high school is unbelievable! This year our Senior will miss her big event, Prom. The event we have had a dress for since February. A dress that is seriously about the same price I paid for my wedding dress 23 year ago. She may have to save it for her wedding. LOL!

So, Diva Girl had plans to go with Drake D. They have been friends for a bit and she even invited him to join the friends group she went to the Christmas Dance with. Those friends wouldn’t allow him to go eat with them, even though DG tried. 3 weeks ago two of the now former “friends”, Zoya Chai Barker and Abbey D, found out that DG and DD were going to prom. And the badgering started. They told him they wouldn’t be his friend if he was going with DG. But then they started to be best friends with him, the guy they wouldn’t have anything to do with months ago.

After weeks of planning, him renting a tux, me making flowers, altering her dress, and waiting, he still hadn’t formally asked her. So she finally said, forget it and started looking for another date. Which is not possible 4 days before the event. But she was just done with it.

Then Abbey sent DG a nasty text saying DG had wasted Drake’s time and now he was out the cost of the tux*. Yeah, tell me about how much he’s out the cost of a tux. So DG responded to her that it really wasn’t Abbey’s place to comment. And then DG received this classy photo. The girl texting is not in the photo. The short dude is Drake D, whom she has defended for months from the disregard of his new buddies, Zoya B on the right, and Texting Abbey. Ally W, on the left and Holden F are just followers I guess. Isn’t it lovely how people not even involved in the situation insert themselves?

IMG_1675Click for larger photo, and then click photo again. Not sure why it’s being contrary.

So, I did what any Momma Bear would do, I went to the school and today they will be calling in the central players to discuss the repercussions of continued bullying. Zoya B has been making rude comments to DG for months in classes they have together. So even class time is fraught with harassment. We were hoping the admin would just let DG finish out her tests and assignments and leave school early, but we know they need those attendance numbers to pass their milestones. They are going to let her leave today after an important test, and not come in Friday, to give her breathing room after the participants are reprimanded today.

Now, my girl is not a saint, but she stopped all communications with these girls months ago, and has kept away from them. And all the while they taunt her and will not leave her alone. And then accuse her of being obsessed with them? And I realize there are cases of harassment that go way beyond the minor events here, but there is no level of bullying that is acceptable. For goodness sake, these are supposedly young adults who should know better. How many years have they been taught to not bully?

Our hope is that Monday she can attend school without fear of retaliation, but we all know that isn’t going to happen. The players will be told that further contact, social media, verbal, or physical, will be corrected with police involvement as they have been warned to stop all harassment. I pray they will take this threat to heart and not carry it further. Thank God we only have until May 20th to deal with this, but that is still 2 weeks too long!

As always, I appreciate any and all prayers you can send our way. I firmly believe in the power of prayer! And I know we will come through this, stronger and better, but it is so hard when you are in the middle of it! And prayers that I can decide whether or not to send the photo and the text messages to their parents! Cause you know once they are in trouble at school they are not going to give their parents the true story.

*I just found out Diva Girl made the $20.00 deposit to RENT THE TUX! Give me a freaking break. She should be ashamed that HE is losing money on the tux? Only, he’s not, because now he’s Zoya B’s date. Funny how things happen, isn’t it?


16 thoughts on “Life, you just have to wonder when all the nastiness ends!!!

  1. Charming, just charming. I’d definitely make sure the parents see the photo and read all the texts. I’d also make sure they know that the police will become involved if the bullying continues. Kudos to you guys for taking the high road! Prayers going up!

    1. I passed on the info to the parents. I have not heard back, but had to use Messenger on FB, which doesn’t mean they will read them anytime soon. I was as respectful as I could be and did warn them of the school’s protocol. As a mom I would very much like to know if my child did something of this magnitude. Not that I am saying it was some immensely horrible thing, but it was still unnecessary and harassment. Thanks.

  2. My opinion for what it’s worth is that you should tell the parents everything. If they have all the information they can make the best decisions on what to do and then you know that you have done everything you can for your daughter. Good luck. Your family will be in my thoughts.

    1. You always second guess things, but I remember, back in the day LOL, that when we did wrong our parents were told about it. Nowadays everyone says. don’t be petty, don’t tattle, say what? Why is it we must allow our kids to be targeted and then NOT tell the other kids’ parents? That is just ludicrous. Thanks!!

  3. What a load of crap – your poor kiddo! I am glad you are taking charge of the situation, and I hope your daughter will make it to May 20 without further problems.

    As for the others, I wish them many problems.

    Take care.

      1. It’s misery and envy. You see someone doing better than you in any area of life, and you just want to take them down a peg or two. No real reason why- it’s because you can.

      2. Exactly. One of these young ladies has posted on twitter in the past that she is “jealous of everyone, jealous of everything” and it shows in the way she treats others. So sad to see.

  4. Hugs Sweetie! Kids are mean, there is no way around it and every year it gets worse. Seems like DD is letting himself be lead around by the nose by the other players. Good on DG for saying she’s done with it. I don’t blame you for going to the school, kids should be able to go to school without having to deal with all the garbage that goes on. The advent of personal computers, tablets and phones has just made things worse. I would send the photo to the parents of the kids doing this, they need to know how their kids behave when they are not at home. Hug DG and tell her this will pass. Praying for you guys.

  5. Hoping things improve quickly. The young man does not sound like much of a
    Loss if he has gone along with these kids…either too weak or too threatened perhaps.

    1. Thanks. That is why Diva Girl called off the date. He was believing the lies and left her out to dry. She realized she didn’t want to go with someone who didn’t have her back.

  6. Oh my gosh….I am in tears for your dear daughter.

    I went through bullying in high school. I know how it feels, but with social media ….it is SO much worse these days.

    Tell her WE all have her back, if only in cyber-space!

    1. It’s just ridiculous that this kind of behavior is still going on with all the anti bullying they are hit with. But I agree, social media has hurt them more than it helps keep people connected.

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