Happy Mother’s Day

To all the moms, daughters, women, and anyone who celebrates the day, Happy Mother’s Day. I hope it is a truly happy day and that everyone can find joy in it. The Holiday isn’t meant to cause hard feelings, which I know it does, it’s meant to give honor to those who give us life.

We celebrated early on Friday night by taking my Mom and Dad out for dinner and then our family of four went to see The Avengers’ new movie. Loved it!!! I’m usually Team Iron Man, but last night I was Team Captain America. Mostly because Hawkeye was TCA, and The Black Widow ended up helping TCA too.

On Saturday night our girl dressed up in her finest and we took pictures of her dolled up. She went to dinner with her friends and then came home to await her friends at our house. They came to party with her after prom. She has been so mature about the debacle I call Promaggedon, I am so proud. I can’t say I would have been so nice if it had been me the mean girls had targeted!

image image_DSC0536 _DSC0565 _DSC0569 _DSC0574  _DSC0592
And my favorite of all
A true depiction of their zaniness!

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them, and then clicking the image again


10 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

    1. Thank you, we love her! The last two dance dresses she has purchased have both been very versatile dresses that she can wear for more occasions. Very smart girl we got!

  1. I’m really glad your daughter is such a positive person. She’s going to get more things done in this world. It’s hard growing up in general. It’s harder to keep your way. Hugs to you all.

    1. Thanks. She has been very adult about the whole thing.Too bad the mean girls are still not letting it drop. They all came into her work last night. Of course. DQ is open to the public, but for them all to come in together, just hard to believe it wasn’t intentional. But she handled it well and ignored them.

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