Mid May Recap

It sucks. I am just hoping it comes back to me. But to get to that point there are some things I need to do.

  1. Finish the shawl for my sister. I don’t hate it, so just need to find the desire to work on it.
  2. Accept the fact I am not going to progress with my fingering weight sweater as is. Frog it and start with an actual pattern, not a top down contiguous sleeve concept.
  3. Decide on baby sweater patterns and just get going for the twins’ baby gifts.
  4. Stop obsessing about the fact I am not knitting. Just let it come back when I am ready for it.

I think all the stress I am putting on myself for not knitting is causing me more stress. Instead of letting myself take a break, which seems to happen every year, just not always the same time, I am trying to force the knitting to happen. Maybe I just need to recharge and get past this busy month of high school graduation!

But to be consistent, here is my Mid May Recap:

Knitting: 155 yards 0 skeins
Purchasing: 800 yards 4 skeins

Hear that sound? Yeah, that’s me sucking big time at not buying yarn! But the yarn purchased was planned, for twin babies, so I can’t be too upset. Christmas baby sweaters using the red for Vivien and the green for Owen. The shawl pattern is for me.

image imageimage
Enchantment Shawl

YTD so far

Knitting 5985 yards 31 skeins
Purchasing: 3751 yards 17 skeins

Still close to 2000 yards to the better and 14 skeins ahead, but if I don’t start knitting more that can change!

Here’s to my knitting getting turned around! And it’s not just that suffering. My blog reading is not very consistent either. Since I usually knit while reading I am not sure if the not reading is hurting the knitting, or the not knitting is hurting the blog reading? It’s a vicious cycle no matter why!


6 thoughts on “Mid May Recap

  1. I think if you buy yarn for a specific project (with a timeline to get it finished), it really isn’t stashing.

    Hope your knitting mojo comes back soon.


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