We are so close to done!!

Just one more day and High School for the family is over! Well, until the girls have kids. But that is so far in the future I won’t worry about it now. Diva Girl will soon need a new moniker because in 1 day she is no longer that person. She will now become an adult version of her former self. A College Girl Two/Too?

Friday is a huge day in the B household this week. In the morning College Girl will sit for her MCAT. To say this Mom is STRESSING!!! is a slight accusation. I don’t think I can measure the level of worry this is causing. And I can only imagine how much stress CG is feeling right now. Friday is also the day Diva Girl graduates from High School. So there’s all that to prepare for. We so wanted to be with College Girl tonight to help her prepare, but she is taking the test in Columbus, IN, and we have issues to deal with here at home, commencement, party on Saturday, life, etc. So my sister is stepping in as Mom Two/Too and headed to Columbus with CG tonight to hunker down in a hotel. Then CG will not have far to travel to get to her test.

Then they will have to race home to get here in time for the program to watch DG receive her diploma. So proud of this girl. During Class Day on Tuesday she was recognized for Academic Honors and received a college scholarship from a CHS based philanthropic organization.

BFF and Diva Girl

Diva and two very special friends

So, you know what’s on my plate and the worries on my heart. Send all good vibes and prayers our way!!! And prayers to all of you in similar situations. May this week close with wonderful times and serenity!!!


6 thoughts on “We are so close to done!!

  1. Sending all the best to Diva Girl AND College Girl. I hope all goes well for both and that they have a wonderful week full of celebration!

  2. Best of luck to both your girls. I’m sure College girl will do well. I love how the family is coming together and making it all happen. Enjoy the relief after. Enjoy each other.

  3. Stress mixed with excitement! I hope that CG’s MCAT’s went well. It seems like her college career is cruising along at full speed! And now you will have both girls in college. Wow! Congrats to DG on her honors & scholarship. Now you all deserve a fun relaxing family vacation 🙂

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