It’s done!

We survived the weekend, and wonderful memories were made to take with us. First off, College Girl finished her MCAT sooner than expected, so was able to get on the road home to make it in time for Diva’s graduation. She said the sections seemed to move well, now all that’s left is the worry, on her part, of how she did. I sent her a note today reminding her, Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” And goodness is she good at worrying. She told her Dad she needed to take the test again. She hasn’t even gotten her scores yet! Already trying to determine which schools to apply to, and she hasn’t even gotten her scores yet! She is going to narrow down the possibilities based on her GPA, which suffered because of a class last year-but it is still quite good!, her scores and their requirements. The girl just has too much drive.

Second off, Diva Girl and the fam sat through a constant drizzle to watch her walk across the stage. They have to limit the numbers if held indoors, so they were trying to get it done outside. Wish they had just called it after the entire day was socked in with rain and clouds. But at least we had towels, blankets and umbrellas to keep dryish and warm.

Filing into their seats

So proud of her! Now begins the process of getting everything lined out for college. Wish the school would send us the financial aid package!! Hubster is sweating that one. At least we do know she has $1000.00 scholarship each year regardless of what the school will offer her based on academics. She got her computer today, Mac Air, and is ready for whatever needs that can answer. Mostly Netflix I am sure. LOL!

And the last, the party was a success, even though we ran out of side dishes, I should have made more, my bad. But between Pork Loin that was delish, pulled pork shoulder, and two kinds of chicken fingers, I do think most everyone got their fill. At least I didn’t hear anyone complain!

And to round out the weekend, 2 more parties were attended on Sunday, so we had a completely exhausting, but absolutely thrilling weekend! I’m am so NOT ready to do it again. At the first party on Sunday it was determined that the two graduating college kids in the friend’s group, our CG and a friend’s son, will get a joint party! That way, all of us only have to go to one event. This weekend we met each other coming and going!

Through it all I have barely knit a stitch, but this week I plan to change all that. The knitting is in my lap, I have some finished frame pieces from the past to show, and I took possession of a bird cage, used for the grad cards/gifts, to display my pretty yarns. Hopefully all these will spur my desire to craft and create! Stay tuned for that reveal tomorrow.


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