Creations new and old

Many years ago I did counted cross-stitch. And then I had kids. But I still tried to do ccs. And then my eyes started to get worse and worser. And then when worsted came along, I took up knitting and never looked back!! See what I did there? OK, so it’s true, knitting entered my life at a great time. With kids you can’t put down the ccs and come back to it with any degree of knowing where you were when you put it down. I got tired of losing my place. Knitting was so easy to put down and pick up, except for tricky, wispy, lace, but anyhoo, knitting saved my crafting.

Over all those years of crafting my ccs yielded more items than I could keep up with framing or finishing. So they were packed away in the cedar chest. And finding the right sized frames for odd sized pieces has been a struggle.

Many months ago I wrote down the dimensions of the ccs pieces. And then shopped at JoAnn’s with a great coupon. And found 2 frames that would work!! And then, many weeks ago they languished, until many days ago I finally got them in the frames!

Glory by Bent Creek

I love how the frame finish mirrors the specialty thread used in the stripe and stars.

image No clue what pattern this is.

I am horrible about keeping old patterns, so this one is a mystery to me now. I think I have had it done for at least 15 years? Let’s not even talk about the marriage/birth sampler I did for my mom which has her and dad, all us siblings, and our kids contained in it. Except for my own daughter! I left off the youngest one. Gah! Still have to find the right thread match and duplicate the alphabet because I have no clue if I still have the pattern.

And just to prove I haven’t abandoned knitting, the latest project after my shawl fail*.

image image
The skeined yarn photo is more the color

The pattern is going to be my own, using motifs cobbled from here and there, numbers based on other sweaters in the 6-12 month range, and designing on the fly. It will have raglan shaping and possibly a V-neck. Then I will perfect the design when I make a matching, but different color, sweater for the brother twin. I am almost to the point of stopping the body to make the sleeves.

So, what’s on your knitting, cross-stitch, other needles today?

*Shawl fail? What shawl? Round Dance was finished, but not to my happiness level. So it will be frogged and reknit into a pretty shawl.

6 thoughts on “Creations new and old

  1. I was laughing reading this because cross stitch totally fell off my radar after I had my kid 13 years or so ago. I will return one day … maybe. I found knitting in the meantime. Look at the cables in the sweater! I don’t know what’s more impressive finishing the cross stitch patterns or framing them! ha!

  2. I love how well the framed cross stitched pieces look, and your knitted cables and designing as you go are inspriring. It is so easy to acquire many completed stitcheries, I do hand embroidery and most of my pieces are stitched but put aside because I want to start another. Eventually one gets framed, or made into a quilt, pillow etc. Years ago when my son came along I put aside the embroidery in favor of crochet and quilting. Recently I rediscovered hand embroidery and a few years ago I learned to knit (still learning). I loved this post it had me nodding in agreement.

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