I feel lost

Seems the knitting mojo is waxing and waning right now. Ebb and flow? Ups and downs? Whatever you call it, it’s just not hitting on all cylinders. So what’s a girl to do? Puzzles, games, movies, and dog sitting. Yes, that is another thing taking me away from knitting. Puppy likes to think yarn is a toy. So the knitting is reserved for times he is asleep or I am away from home.

iNDy and Cooper are not happy with mom taking in another dog. Especially one who is full on puppy!!! LOL. He has way too much energy for them. I am hoping to take them all swimming Thursday and run off some energy. The pool ph is too high for swimming, so grandma’s pool is a no-go for now.

Even though the knitting has been sparse, it doesn’t take much to crank out some wash cloths. These are for donation to Operation Christmas Child at my church. I plan to buy some soap to add to them. The next design will be a soap sack, just to see if it’s quicker or not. More detail, but less surface area to knit.

image image
On the left is Round Dishcloth and on the right is Easy Knitted Washcloth

The RD was made using double strand of Classic Cotton DK and the other was 1 strand. Here is the difference in size.


I might using double strand on the sacks to make them knit faster. And use a larger needle, 9US was used on the round one. I think a 10 or 10.5 might make the fabric less stiff. But maybe I should wet the cloths first to see how floppy they get.

And to close I will leave you with 2 of my favorite photos from the weekend.

Four graduating second cousins, the two on the left belong to my cousins and the two on the right belong to my brother and I.

Bentley Russell, house guest

He is actually a nephew to our Cooper. One of his parents was a litter mate of Cooper’s. Which also means he is a relation to iNDy, because our dogs were from the same parents, just 3 years apart. Don’t even ask me what relationship that is to iNDy!


5 thoughts on “I feel lost

  1. I was loosing the knitting mojo, turns out it was related to knitting to deadlines. No deadline now, very happy knitting. Love the puppy and what very pretty girls! Oh to be young!

  2. Yeah knitting mojo is bizarro in my opinion. I think though maybe it’s still just about a dedicated slice of time.

    I love the cousins photo! Really very sweet and give you all the good summer time feelings!

    Puppy energy! I’m tired thinking about it, but I bet the snuggles are worth it!

  3. Love that round dishcloth. Small projects are always good for when the knitting mojo or knitting time aren’t quite there. I think that’s partly why sock knitting is so appealing for me right now.
    Such pretty girls and Bentley Russell is adorable!

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