May Recap

Do I have to? Document it? Because it sucked! Well, actually I ended up with more yardage knit than I thought, but with one of those projects failed, it was a bad month.

Knit: 575 yards 3 skeins
Purchased: 800 yards 4 skeins
You do the math.

Knit: 6405 yards 34 skeins
Bought: 3751 yards 17 skeins
2654 less yards and 17 skeins less in stash, so there is that positive.

May $41.73
YTD $211.06
OK, that doesn’t seem too bad, except when you consider that at this point last year I had only spent. $92.00!! Must stop buying yarn!!!

FO: two measly dishcloths!


OK, I am done. Hopefully June will be better, but with 1-2 weeks in Florida for my parent’s 60th Anniversary, it’s highly unlikely! Oh, and trying to get a job to help pay for college would definitely skew my knitting time. Oh woe is me. At least I have been knitting on the cabled baby sweater I am designing and some soap sacks for Operation Christmas Child. That helps reduce the stash, except when you buy more yarn on June 1st. Gah!

Please continue to pray for College Girl, waiting on MCAT results and job searching. Her research job ended, with a positive result Yay!, but she is waiting to get news of a scribe job at the hospital. And for Diva Girl who is needed lots of hours at work to bulk up her savings for college, and for mom and dad who need to bulk up their savings for college! At least we only have 1 year of paying for two college students.


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