So, June isn’t getting off to such a great start

May wasn’t kind in the loss of my knitting mojo, and now June is starting off in a nose dive!

I’ve applied for different jobs at a local hospital. 12!!! different jobs. And at this point I have been rejected for 9 of the 12. I haven’t even been afforded the courtesy of a call for further investigation. I haven’t been narrow in my available times/days. I have no “hospital” experience, but have a wealth of management and customer service experience, and most all of the jobs are in those areas. So, is it my age? My name? My exuberance in applying?

So if that isn’t enough of a hit to my confidence, Thursday brought this joy to my life.

image image

New glasses I picked up in the morning, flat tire I discovered upon returning home.



10 thoughts on “So, June isn’t getting off to such a great start

  1. Oh gosh ……………..that’s not a great way to have a day. I will say though….the glasses are VERY cute.

    Hope the job picture clears up soon. I HATE this new way of applying for jobs. If you don’t catch them with the right phrases on your resume you’re done. There is no “personal” to personnel anymore. 😦

    1. Amen sister! Having been in management in my past career life, I can’t imaging hiring someone from a computer contact. No idea of the person they are, or how they can present themselves to the public.

  2. Hang in there Chris! It can be a struggle at times. But I’ve seen you’ll be okay, since you already are! I’m sorry about the glasses and the tire too. Just layers of bummer during a tough time.

    Wishing you happiness, health and success!

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