I’m still here. But barely. Word count is 780, settle in!

Can’t believe how quickly my summer heated up with things to do. Grad parties are still going, the last one is this weekend, but I can’t even get to it because of other things. Travel. I seem to be going going going right now. Just completed a 1000* mile journey to take College Girl to Wright State University for a Med School visit. Very impressed with the Boonshoft School of Medicine there. And, fingers crossed, if she makes it past the 1st application she has a waiver for the 2nd application fee. Woo-hoo! Every little bit helps when you are applying to 6-7 schools. Just need to wait until June 21st to see what her MCAT scores are. We will either be celebrating in Daytona, or drinking in a bar, soothing our sorrows.

We were able to stay overnight with some wonderful friends we met through our Daytona lives. So good to catch up with them. They will be in Daytona this summer, but we will miss them by a few days. Considering they are staying at our condo, it might be a bit busy if we were all there at the same time.

And my travel is back on this Saturday for a Daytona trip to celebrate my Parent’s 60th anniversary. The event isn’t until August, but since we are headed down for Diva Girl’s college orientation, and my sister is going for a conference, the family decided to all go down to have a good time. We are all going to be there for Sunday to do lunch and at some point a family photo, minus two who can’t make it, on the beach. That will probably be a hoot. Trying to get 19 people to all smile and not look goofy. Just pray for no wind on the beach that day.

Knitting is still pretty much missing. I did sit down and whipped out a bottle cover, because I just had to have one of course!

image image

Yes, I know that is not a water bottle, but it’s about the same size. 2 times through the front load and it isn’t much felted, so another time through and then maybe just the dryer to try to reduce it to fit. As you can see my striping took a turn for the worse. I thought I had more green than I did. Oh well, it’s only to keep my water cooler longer. Not a fashion statement for sure.**

And now to get back to the ribbing on a baby sweater. I am trying to design a cabled sweater for some twins, the first one is for the little sister. I am not pleased with the V-neck stopping the cables, so on little brother’s I might try to change it up. Maybe turn the cable to follow the V-neck shaping.

 image image

Not happy with the sleeves, but that is a lesson for another day. Forgot to increase for the cable suck.

So that’s my life at the moment. I hope yours is going well. Still not getting calls for all those jobs I have applied for. Ready to just show up at the one hospital and ask for an explanation of why I am not a good candidate for their umpteen jobs they have posted. I think I have applied for 19 at this point. 3 are still pending. My confidence has sure taken a hit. I so dislike computer based applications. As a manager I wanted to meet the applicants and get a feel for their personality. Just not possible over such a disconnected way of hiring. Oh well, I know God has control, so I better just let him lead. But I am close to being done.

*Up to Indy to get her, drive to Dayton OH, drive back home, she played in a golf tournament, then took her back to Indy and then drove myself home. All in 3 days time. I am just about done!

**After 3 times in the front loader, no closer to being small enough, I put it in boiling water. The fuchsia dye ran into the cream!!! Oh well, once or twice more with jeans or towels and maybe it will fit a water bottle. I AM done.

ETA: Ugh! I just knocked my phone off a crate, it fell less than 1 foot to the tile and now my screen is cracked. For 17 months I have had this phone without a screen protector, thought I had one on, but no. 1 month ago I got a screen protector put on. And now this? Oh well, just 6 months to the new phone, I can live with it. At least it’s just one thin crack from center left to top right. I am SOOOOO past done!


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