Mid June Recap

Seems like forever since I have really kept up with the stats. I know I threw together end of May because it snuck up on me. Trying to be more up on things right now, but life is spiraling out of control it seems. Enough carping. June is not as bad as it should be, but it is picking up here the last few days.

Knit: 843 Yards 4 skeins
Purchased: 427 Yards 1 Skein

Not too bad so far. Just need to not buy anything else this month.

Knit: 7248 Yards 38 Skeins
Purchased: 4188 Yards 18 Skeins

3060 Yards 20 Skeins ahead

FO’s for the month:
4 soap sacks, of which I never got a photo of, and 1 water bottle cover finished and ruined. 1 cowl and 1 baby sweater just finished. Photo shoots for them later.

Kind of slacked off listing these, so thought I would remind myself what’s going on.

  1. Confirm yarn choice for 2nd birthday girl present. Birthday has passed, she picked pop up paws for mittens.
  2. Confirm yarn choice for 3rd birthday girl present. Birthday has passed, she chose Keefely mittens, hoping to persuade her to a different pattern as I have made those 3 times already!
  3. Redo shawl for my sister, but I may have to wait on pattern release for that.

With a trip to Florida in my future I am sure to have time to knit on something while in the car. Whether or not I feel like it will be the issue. Once in Florida, I doubt I will even pick up needles. Planning to enjoy time with family and on the beach. And this time I am determined to get to St Augustine to see the Castillo. And we need to track down the beach north of Daytona where there are large stones on the beach? Anyone? It may be north of Ormond too.

So, off to determine how much more I can accomplish before leaving town, and what I realistically will knit on while gone. The hardest part, travel knit packing. Who cares about clothes? Capris, t’s and bathing suits are all I need. Oh, and sandals. But knitting? Light weight or worsted? Small item or large? Shawl, cowl, mittens, hats? Maybe I should just do dishcloths? Cotton knitting on beach would be much better than wool. But then I don’t really like to knit on the beach. Too much sand and sunscreen.


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