Sweet Sweater

I have a friend whose daughter had twins this year. She was blessed with a boy an girl, so the hunt was on for sweaters to make that would work for both genders and yet be different. Harder than you can imagine. So I decided to just design something. The difference would be a v-neck for Vivien and a crew neck for Owen.

Here’s the first one off the needles, for Miss Vi.

image image
Yarn: Perfection by Kraemer

If you look closely you will see the top button is not the same as the others. I had 3 regular and 1 heart button. Just had to use the heart at the top. Of course I had all kinds of sets that would match the yarn, but only 3 buttons of each! Now to find green buttons that will match Owen’s and a different button for the top of his too. His yarn is a soft pine green, hoping these will be doable as Christmas sweaters. But then that means I should probably make Big Sis Addy a matching sweater. Oy!

In other finishes this week, after so many weeks of no finishes, I have a cowl that is a present for a knitting friend. We knit weekly and celebrate birthdays whenever they pop up. I find I much prefer “gifting” a future knit item to unnecessary knick knacks. So I have been giving the celebrants a choice of a small item knit by me. I supply labor and materials. She chose a cowl and I was finally ready to buy Willow Cowl and try it out.

image image

Pattern: Willow Cowl
Yarn: Cascade Heritage Paints in Splat

I did shorten the length, doing 4 lace panels total. Dog eaten yarn and personal neck length seemed to demand it. I love the way the cowl accordions on itself, but I am irked by the inconsistent bands of mesh and St st. Some St st is 14 rows, some has decreases, some have nothing. I am SOOOOO rigid in my spacial thinking that order must prevail and things must be equal. I can’t stand uneven or illogical instructions.

Which leads me to my current knitting. Another present for another knitter. This time her pattern, my yarn and labor. Pop Up Paws, I am not even linking to them because this pattern is SCREWBALL! 16 pages of pattern, very illogical and poorly written. Basic fingerless gloves with a mitten top that flips off. The increases for the glove body are set on each side of glove, the numbers for the glove front and back are not matched, less on palm. Sometimes you increase every other row, sometimes on the 4th row, and throw in increases for thumb gusset on some of those rows too.

Then after thumb, before fingers, you do short rows. Seriously? Short rows on the back of a glove? 6-8 extra rows? That’s an inch difference in length from the back to the palm. Just who has hands that need more length on one side than the other? Sure, it accounts for a curvature of the hand when gripping a steering wheel, but has anyone ever thought, gee, when I ball up my fist I just have too much fabric on the palm of my hand.

Oh well, I guess I will survive a poorly, stupid, ridiculous pattern. I just hope it doesn’t kill my mojo for the trip to Florida. That would really suck! At least I will have 2 other projects along in case my knitting takes off. At this point I will have 1 paw done, so the 2nd should take no time at all. But the weaving of ends from 10 fingers will be sure to keep me busy.



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