All in for Germany!!

My Germans are playing again today. Action is all on the German side, with Northern Ireland barely showing up. Which is good for us. And thank you Gomez for the goal that put us up 1-0.

Florida has been fun so far. 19 of the 21 members of our family were able to be here over the weekend to celebrate 60 years for my parents. Now it’s down to 7 of us left for the rest of the week. And then it will be 3 of us for a few more days. My sister is here for a convention and Diva Girl and I are staying with her after Diva’s orientation.

Knitting has been happening in between sun and sand. The mittens are quickly approaching the finger decreasing.


Hoping the fit is good for the recipient. It’s hard to match something to someone who isn’t available for frequent fittings. I will finish this one and wait to start the 2nd until after I can try it on the giftee.

The other item for a birthday girl has 1 hand done and the other will wait for a fitting also. I might cast on and knit the ribbing and up to the thumb separation and then wait to try it on her. Really hoping they fit since I have no desire to rip out all this to reknit.

image image image
Palm without cover, Back with cover, Palm with cover

Now back to the fun. Heading to New Smyrna to find a rocky beach my sister thinks she saw. Then a few shops to look at before dinner at Norwood’s.


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