Deutschland, Deutschland* Uber Alles

It’s that time, time again for the Germans to play and win. Slovakia is the opponent this time, and hopes are the 81% odds for my guys holds. Unfortunately France won over Northern Ireland, so the day hasn’t started well for my picks. And while the game plays I will be knitting on the mitten.


The colors showing on my screen are too bright compared to real life. More subdued shades in the yarn than shown here. But a great example of color dominance is shown in the cream section. The lower 4 pips are receding compared to the upper 4 pips. That’s what happens when you hold the yarn in different positions. I started out holding the cream in the upper position, but realized my mistake about halfway through the diamonds, you can see how the lower zigzag is more narrow than the upper zigzag. For the most part it isn’t a big deal, unless you have someone staring relentlessly at your wrist. But it can make a big difference in some cases, so beware, background color goes over the motif color.

Hoping I can actually get this hand done before heading home. And today is the perfect day to accomplish this. Stormy day and soccer until 5:00 pm. Sounds like a great combo for me. And then hopefully the sun comes out tomorrow for one last day of sun before heading home Tuesday. I miss my pups! Hubster and the girls left Saturday and he says my dogs don’t even miss me. Wah!!! He put my phone call on speaker and iNDy didn’t even move when I called to him. Sob! But I know they will be jumping and wiggling for joy when they see me Tuesday night. I hope!

OK, we are up 1-0, hoping that stays or we score even more!

* With German heritage from the majority of my ancestors, brought up in a German American city, watching Bundesliga since 1979, took German in high school and college (but do not ask me to speak it after 30 years since), I am slightly biased that the Germans are the best at soccer. And their many FIFA and UEFA championships and appearances support that theory!


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