Goodbye Florida, see you in August!


Diva Girl doesn’t undersand chaise lounges.


College Girl practicing her photography skills.


My last look at the ocean this morning.

In August we bring Diva Girl down for her freshman year at Ft Myers. 😢 Then a few weeks later we take College Girl back to Indy for her senior year. 😪 I won’t know what to do with myself!



5 thoughts on “Goodbye Florida, see you in August!

  1. That first picture cracked me up when I saw it on Instagram. Hope that you had a good time! We just came back from the ocean and I’m already dreaming of a return trip.

  2. She is graceful, not! Even though I love the ocean, I would much prefer my house on the ocean as opposed to a 5th floor condo. I suffer from vertigo and height issues, so after 10 days I was really ready to vacate! Definitely like ground floor living!

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