June Recap

Snuck up on me again. These months are just going by too fast. And not knitting every day takes me away from blogging regularly and that takes me away from thinking about it. Maybe when summer ends I will get better?

Knit: 1069 yards 5 skeins
Bought: 437 yards 1 skein

So quite a bit more knit up than bought. That’s always a good thing.

Knit: 7474 yards 39 skeins
Bought: 4188 yards 18 skeins

3200 less yards and 21 less skeins in the stash! It’s going to whittle away eventually. Or not.


image image image

4 soap sacks I forgot to photograph, plus two single mitts waiting for mates.

image image

Now to look at the goals from last month:

  1. Confirm yarn choice for 2nd birthday girl present. Birthday has passed, she picked pop up paws for mittens. (hate the pattern she chose, do not use this pattern!)
  2. Confirm yarn choice for 3rd birthday girl present. Birthday has passed, she chose Keefely mittens, hoping to persuade her to a different pattern as I have made those 3 times already! (used neither of these patterns. LOL)
  3. Redo shawl for my sister, but I may have to wait on pattern release for that.

1 and 2 were accomplished, #3 still is waiting on pattern release.

So now, goals for July:

  1. Finish both mitt mates.
  2. Start baby sweater for Owen to match twin sister’s.
  3. Start a new baby sweater for a gift. Neutral colors since baby is going to be a surprise for all.
  4. Determine what’s up next for me and work towards starting it.

I could rip out the sweater I am knitting in fingering and just start over with a top down raglan pattern. Trying to do it contiguous without a pattern and it has stymied me. Just not into using those brain cells in that fashion right now.

And back to the game, Germany leads Italy 1-0, come on boys, let’s advance to the final!!!

ETA: NOOOOOOOO!!! Boateng, how could you! 1-1 tie


7 thoughts on “June Recap

  1. What are you crazy kids talking about? Vive La France! 😉

    I love that you’re following the Eurocup.

    You are too right. Summer is flying by already. You make me laugh though, with your not enough knitting when I see all those FOs. I just hope you are enjoying yourself 🙂

    1. I follow Germany, so any time they play I am there! And now that we can get some Bundesliga matches on our local provider, I am in heaven!! Yes, I am enjoying myself. Finally getting the knitting mojo back, but trying to not overdo it.

  2. It seemed like June didn’t even happen! Still waiting for things to get less hectic and I’ve been saying that since April 😦
    Good luck with your July goals. Love the cabled cardigan in the first pic.

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