Come on Boys!!

Just realized I didn’t post encouragement for the boys. I have done it for the other matches and we won, so I need to keep the streak alive. But waiting for this kick is making me nervous!!!

Called us for a slight foul, but haven’t called any against France for similar infractions! Thankfully Neuer stopped it!!!

While here I will show off the final Pop Up Paw pair. Hate the pattern, the mitts are OK.


She took possession of them yesterday and says they are perfect. I am afraid the thumbs are not quite deep enough, but she says they are fine.

Now to get the other mitts done, just 10 rows from decreases and then thumbs! How I hate thumbs!!!! Well, I don’t hate having thumbs, I hate knitting them.

Now, back to the game. Go Germany, beat France!! With 67% possession at this point, and 6 shots on goal to only 2 from France, I would hope the odds are with us scoring at some point.


3 thoughts on “Come on Boys!!

    1. At this point I am a no go on the last game, can’t stand either team, sorry! LOL After Zidane”s antics in the FIFA 2006 games I am a no go on France. Portugal I just have no emotion invested, so I will pass. Thanks on the mittens. Finishing the stranded pair as I type. I think I have knit 8 or more thumbs for the 2 pair I have been making. Just not working out right for me.

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