More Mittens are off the needles!

These mittens had a tenuous start. Knitted Mittens were offered to a fellow knitter for her recent birthday. They were supposed to be Keefely Mittens, but having done those 3 times already, I was just not ready to do them a 4th time. Looking through Rav I just wasn’t finding the right pattern for the sport weight. I finally looked at the books on hand and found my Folk Mittens and was able to determine Halland Mittens were doable with yarn on hand.

After a trip to Florida and back, these are finished and ready for gifting.


Yarn used is Northampton Sport, Valley Yarns at Webs. I purchased 8 skeins long ago to make a stranded hat. You know how it goes when you are trying colors purchased online, you end up ordering more than needed to get the best color combos. So I had fairly full skeins of 8 colors left over. Time to use it up! I think I can make 3-4 more pair of mittens. Maybe Christmas gifts this year? I am already thinking of using two of the greens plus the natural to make myself another pair. Cause the 2 pair I already have, plus the 1 I already planned to make, and a green pair, aren’t enough. Right?

Here are some of the photos taken along the way. I just love seeing stranded work take shape.

image  image
image  image
Laid on top of my Keefely’s, the ends…oh the ends!
Halfway through, and during the trip to Florida.

Now off to enjoy my knitting buds at our weekly knit together. Such a wonderful group of ladies to be with each week. I hope you are able to enjoy knitting with friends, it truly is a great way to enjoy our craft.


4 thoughts on “More Mittens are off the needles!

  1. Lovely mittens. I have to proceeded to stranded knitting yet. Maybe one day. I am making myself a pair of cabled mittens though to match a vest I made and then I am making a Spectra scarf and either a matching hat or fingerless gloves to match.

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