Thursday Thread

d-day is drawing near. What’s d-day? Dorm moving in day!!!! Just 32 days until we move the Diva into her dorm room at FGCU. Eek! I’m not ready. I still have stuff to buy and gather. She probably should start consolidating clothes she plans to take and what she will leave behind.

And then 2 weeks after that it’s move College Girl into her new apartment on UIndy’s campus. They just finished building new apartments, very nice, and she gets to move in with them at their best condition. This also means new stuff to buy, although they do have all the furniture in place.

Our bank account will take big hits this year, 2 college tuitions and outfitting rooms! If you are saving for college, trust me, you aren’t saving enough! Double it. Even if you can only put a little bit aside, skip the Starbucks and save, save, save!!!

OK, enough preaching.

Knitting: Bought yarn last week to start on a shower gift I need done by August 1st. I won’t be able to attend the shower, so have to get it in the mail.

Pattern: Robin Hood Jacket 
Yarn: Hayfield Chunky With Wool

Just a few more inches on the back and then off to the fronts and sleeves. Debating the hood. While I love the look of it, not much use for a 6-12 month old. But I am sure I will make it with hood anyway.

And now off to Indy today with Hubster. He has business there and I will try to see College Girl while there. Might only be for a few minutes, but that’s enough. And it strikes me that I need to come up with new names since there will be two College Girls in a month. Maybe keep Diva and change CG to Jeep Girl. Yeah, I like that. Or Country Girl, but Jeep is shorter. LOL

Hope your week is going well and that all your family is close and happy. Changes are coming our way, but I think we will be fine. It will be a new normal for us.


8 thoughts on “Thursday Thread

  1. All the best with everything. So good you are so positive. I will honest I cried when we drove off each time we settled our sons into university and the third and last time was the worst! But 8 years on I am so proud of them all!

  2. Exciting times! I know you are proud of your girls but it’s also going to be a big change for you. You are such a good mom and have always put them first but your happiness is important to them too. Now you will draw strength in your everyday somewhere else (as well as them just not as immediate and direct in proximity). Such good advice about saving for college. I know it. I know it’s coming and we are trying but you’re right. I need to try harder. We do expect him to work his way through but we intend on doing our part for sure. sigh. It’s approaching faster than I ever thought.

    Thinking of you and yours.

    1. Thanks, I know I will survive, it will just take getting used to! Life doesn’t stop, nor would I wish it to. They have futures waiting for them!! And so do Hubster and I. Hey, at least you could set up a date sale to drum up some funds for college? Right?

    1. Thanks, so far it’s going fast at the 6-12 month size! But I am getting weary of the cabling!! I need more color work mittens in my life. Good thing I have 1 project ready to go, just need to wind the yarn.

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