Mid July Recap

This month has been busy, once again sounding like a broken record! Independence Day celebration, dental work that put me out for a day, PT for hip, and baseball games make for fun/pain and less knitting time.

Stash On Hand: 65,400 yards 365 skeins

July so far……
Knit up: 385 yards 2 skeins
Bought up: 632 yards 4 skeins

I made a valiant effort to knit up as much as I bought, but fell short. I am still behind 247 yards and 2 skeins on the month. At least I have 16 more days to make up the difference.

Knit up: 7859 yards 41 skeins
Bought up: 4820 yards and 22 skeins

At least I am staying ahead on the year by 3039 yards and 19 skeins

In FOs I have 2 so far

image  image

Pop Up Paws and Halland Mittens
Due to the horrible Pop Up pattern I refuse to link to it

July Goals at this point?

  1. Finish both mitt mates. Yes!!! All birthday gifts are off my roster, now to see what the August birthday girl would like and maybe get hers done BEFORE her birthday!
  2. Start baby sweater for Owen to match twin sister’s. Not yet, the next item takes precedence.
  3. Start a new baby sweater for an August shower gift. Neutral color since baby is going to be a surprise for all. Pattern and yarn picked out, cast on, both fronts and back done. It needs to be done and mailed by August 1st, so I think I got this. image
  4. Determine what’s up next for me and work towards starting it. Still pondering, maybe mittens, maybe a sweater, maybe a vest?



8 thoughts on “Mid July Recap

  1. Those mittens are beautiful! 2 FOs already. I am a one item knitter right now, but I really hope to have it finished by the end of the month too. I really thought I was going to knit a vest this summer, but I’m completely over it. hehe. Happy Knitting, Chris!

    1. Hey, it’s OK, we have all the time in the world to get around to knitting those desired objects. I am fancying casting on a vest myself. Just need to get a baby sweater out of the way. Happy Knitting to you too. Hope your pain level is low!!!

  2. So much on the go! I like the vest and the sweater A LOT. I am thinking I would like one of those vests for myself. I just completed one, and one can never be enough can it?

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