Wednesday Progress

Hey all, hope your summer is fantastic! For all the heat we are getting now, I must say the summer so far has been very mild. More thunder storms and rain than heat waves. But this week is a scorcher, so it called for some water time.

He just loves this game. As long as you keep throwing the ball, he will go for it. And when you stop, he drops it in the water himself, waits for it to float away, and then jumps in after it. Silly dog.

Not all activity has been outdoors, more indoors than not. Knitting has been revived pretty much, so progress on the latest baby item is swimming along. I am half a sleeve away from finishing it.


I grafted the shoulders, should have probably done the hood, but with seed stitch, I just wasn’t up to the challenge. But I did accomplish grafting both shoulders with all the knits and purls associated with cables.

image image
Left is the fist attempt, right shows the improvement with the second attempt.

Just wish I could have crossed those cables without losing my mind. But didn’t want to put anymore stress on myself over joining the shoulders.

After this is done I need to get back on the baby sweater for twin brother. Twin sister’s is done, but I fear too small. I am dropping it off with momma so she can give me an idea of fit before I start his.

While that design percolates I might start on a vest for me. I have some brick red Alpaca with a Twist Highlander in the stash. It’s been there a looooooooong time! It should be used. This will be a lighter version of a cardigan, so maybe I won’t get too hot knitting on it through summer?

But before that, I would like to make a baby hat for my Dr. She just had a boy a few months ago, so I thought a cotton knit hat would be cute. And this might be good for baseball game watching, if the 95 degree temps don’t hang around into the evening hours on Thursday!


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Progress

  1. The heat is REAL for you guys east of us. I love the video of the swimming pool games. I literally felt “refreshed” and happy with him. hehe. Your cables look good and I just give you lots of kudos for taking on a project with such grafting. I gave up my last project when I realized how many pieces I’d have to seam together! I’m lazy pants! Good luck with the knits. Be sure to update us on the status of twin girl fit. 🙂

    1. The project doesn’t call for grafting, just seaming. But I much prefer to try to expand my skills where possible. Next up, saddle shoulder sweater. I have one started long ago, not sure it will se day light as it’s a pullover and not a cardigan. My current hot self don’t need no stinking pullover!!!

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